The secret of Camilla Parker Bowles Duchess of Cornwall

Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall, is famous for marrying Prince Charles. They had a bad start, and she has been blamed for the failure of his marriage to Princess Diana. However, their love for each other has replaced public opinion, and they have been happily married for more than ten years. She is very interesting, outgoing, charitable and passionate about her project. But you may not know something about the Duchess. Look at some fascinating facts about the woman who swept the future king of England out of the door when they first met more than 40 years ago Understand why she was forbidden to enter the palace!

Camilla and Charles travel with secret wine

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Charles and Camilla travel with alcohol. According to reporter Gordon Rayner, he took part in 20 Royal tours and the two brought a secret wine cellar for good reason. "Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall sometimes drink their own wine so that there is no risk that their wine will be adulterated," he told condnast traveler. When the couple were traveling, the bodyguards were actually taking wine. "Their police bodyguards will carefully carry a bag of drinks," Reiner said. He points out that Charles's favorite drinks are gin and tonics, while Camilla prefers red wine. One of her favorite beauty products is bee venom, but some people like Camilla to choose unusual products to look young. She reportedly uses Deborah Mitchell's paradise skin care products, which include bee venom as an ingredient. The product is a replacement for Botox and is touted as a non-surgical cosmetic product. It is said that bee venom serum contains ingredients that help to plump and smooth skin texture and eliminate fine lines. Plant extracts, such as watercress, stinging nettles and horsetails, help rejuvenate the skin. When Camilla used the skin chemist's bee venom facial essence, in Britain, the product was booked up. The palace thought that she was not chaste enough for Prince Charles. In the early 1970s, Camilla met Prince Charles through a common friend. There was a momentary connection, but when Charles left the Royal Navy in 1973, they separated. Meanwhile, Camilla is engaged to her boyfriend Andrew Parker Bowles. However, if the two decide to go together, the palace will not approve. First of all, Camilla had no aristocratic background, which was a great event for the powerful country at that time. Second, it can be said that she is near the block. She is not "virgin" enough to marry the future king of England (remember, in the 1970s, women still had a chance to fight for equality). Who is she related to? Thanks to genealogical research, people know all kinds of secrets about their ancestors and their relatives. Camilla has ties with singers Madonna, Celine Dion and actress Angelina Jolie. All this has to do with a 17th century French Canadian couple. Camilla and Charles also have a common ancestor, Henry Cavendish, the second Duke of Newcastle (once removed, they will be the ninth cousins). Camilla's great grandmother Alice guipell and Charles's great grandfather Edward VII are lovers! It is said that Camilla's grandmother Sonya is King Edward's illegitimate daughter, which will make Charles and Camilla become half cousins after they move away. She is afraid of flying. The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles are busy with their work and travel. But Camilla doesn't like travelling much because she's afraid of flying. Not long ago, she chose not to accompany her husband to several places in Australia and the South Pacific. However, she went to the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane, Australia. Whenever possible, Camilla will avoid extra travel. According to the express, the Duchess uses a percussion technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to deal with fear. If this can make Camilla complete her duties, more power to her! Camilla and Charles became amiable in the early 1970s, but Camilla didn't see her future mother-in-law until 2000. The couple's affair embarrassed the crown prince and ruined the marriage of Charles and Princess Diana. The queen was so angry with Camilla that she was once forbidden to enter the palace. In the end, the queen changed her tune and allowed Camilla into her life. The queen even said at their wedding: "they have overcome Becker's Creek and chairs and other terrible obstacles. They all survived. I'm very proud and wish them all the best. My son is at home with the woman he loves. The reason she loves Chanel is sweet, but Princess Diana keeps away from the designer. One reason she likes this designer so much is that CS can represent Charles and Camilla. It is said that Princess Diana avoided Chanel for this reason. One of Camilla's favorite shoes is her black toe Chanel cream shoes (pictured above), which she has been wearing since 2005, according to footwear news. Camilla can't buy it, so either she bought many pairs, or she just took good care of her own pair. On April 9, 2005, she was very ill on the day she married Prince Charles. Camilla married Prince Charles. She also has incredible sinusitis, which makes it difficult for her to function. According to vanity fair, her sister Annabel helped Camilla get out of bed for the wedding. Camilla and Charles are divorced. Their wedding was held in a civilized ceremony, not in Anglican Church. The couple were blessed at St George's Church in Windsor Castle, where Prince Harry and Megan markel married 13 years later. As time went on, the queen knew that the couple were destined and blessed. Have you ever thought about why she didn't choose "Princess of Wales"?

Her official title is huge, and there's a good reason she didn't use "Princess of Wales". Traditionally, Queen Elizabeth II has given her a title. Camilla became his Highness The Duchess of Cornwall. However, her exact title is much longer.

she is known as her Royal Highness Princess Charles Philip Arthur George, Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of rosesey, Countess Chester, Countess Carrick, Baroness Renfrew, Madame Isle, Princess of Scotland and Her Majesty's cross of Victoria. She avoids using Princess Wales in public because she has a close relationship with the late Princess Diana. When people first learned that Camilla was involved in Charles's life, she might never be the queen. She faced many hostility. Princess Diana is loved and Camilla is seen as an intruder. Over time, Camilla has won public support, and many people want to know when she will marry Charles and whether she will eventually be given the title of Queen. When the two married, they promised that she would not be queen to appease their royal subjects. Their wedding announcement read, "it is intended that Mrs. Parker Bowles will use the title of princess's spouse when the prince of Wales ascends the throne." In 2014, Camilla lost her brother's strange accident. Mark shand, a travel writer and conservationist, fell and hit him on the head outside a charity event in New York City. He is only 62 years old. Camilla and Charles said in a statement that they felt "totally destroyed" by the loss. In 1994, Camilla's mother died of osteoporosis at the age of 72, a devastating disease that also took the life of her grandmother. "My family and I watched in horror as my mother completely shrank in front of us," Camilla said of her mother's death Camilla later became president of the National Osteoporosis Association.

she likes outdoor activities, especially gardening. When Princess Diana is loved by people because of her care and generosity, it is difficult for her to accept other royal family members' favorite sports such as horse riding and skiing. Unlike her husband's ex boyfriend, Camilla has always enjoyed outdoor activities. She likes nature very much. When she needs to be free from public life, she often goes to remir in the countryside for holidays. One of her favorite pastimes is gardening. At an event for the British charity angel of flowers, she told the media: "if allowed, I stay in the garden all day, and I like to dirty my hands." She likes to talk and is very sociable.

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Camilla is an outgoing person who likes to get social characteristics from her growth. "I remember having a dinner at home with some of the world's most boring neighbors, and we were dragged down to dinner with them," she told the daily mail She went on to say: "let's sit at the dinner table, silent moment, she often said:" speak! I don't care what you're talking about, talk about your parrot or your pony, but keep talking. So I can never stop talking. It's a mental problem. We can't keep silent. " Her sense of humor will get her into trouble She has a good sense of humor, but she tries not to laugh under inappropriate circumstances, but sometimes she has to restrain herself. In an interview with the daily mail, she said: "most things you have to laugh, sometimes I do laugh a little too much." If something goes wrong, everyone will sit there and wait for a moment (don't know how to react). You really have to hold your breath and try not to laugh. You have to laugh at yourself, because if you can't, you can get up! "

her marriage to Charles softened the palace's emotional stance, and through Zak Hussein and Corbis of Getty Images, Camilla was on Charles's side even though it was difficult, despite criticism of their relationship. Many people will give in under pressure. Their divorce and subsequent marriage changed the monarchy's (and the public's) view of the relationship. Kate Middleton, for example, was a commoner before she married Prince William. American actress Meghan Markle was also a divorcee (and half an African American) when she started dating and eventually married Prince Harry. "We are all very happy," Camilla said during her engagement. As you can see, they are very happy. Sometimes, in an environment where we have a lot of bad news, it's a real pleasure to have some good news. "

the portrait of her first husband, Andrew Parker Bowles, was sold at an auction in 2015 for $35 million. The portrait of Lucian Freud, the former husband of the Duchess of Cornwall, was sold at Christie's for $34.9 million. The retired British Army The official divorced in 1995 after 22 years of marriage. They had a son and a daughter in 1996, and he married his second wife, rosemary Pittman. In 2005, her ex-wife and rosemary attended the wedding of Camilla and Charles. The painting is very popular among several bidders. They showed up in person and over the phone, pushing art prices up to $34.9 million. The final price is much higher than the estimated $30 million before the auction. In the early 1970s, Camilla's fiance Andrew Parker Bowles dated Prince Charles's sister, Princess Anne. Anne is now the 13th heir to the throne. Anne married captain Mark Phillips in 1973 and divorced in 1992. A few months later, she married commander (now lieutenant general) Sir Timothy Lawrence, and Andrew and Camilla were married in 1973. Meanwhile, Andrew and Charles met and played on the same polo team in the 1970s and 1980s. After Andrew divorced Camilla, he married his lover rosemary Pittman. She died of cancer in 2010, aged 69. She may love dogs as much as the queen. She was an animal lover and saved two dogs. One of her passion projects is animal welfare. She is a patron of Patsy's dogs and cats. Above she is with two Jack Russell hounds, bluebell and Beth. In 2012, she adopted the Blue Bell dog. He is a nine week old stray dog who was found wandering in a park in London in 2011. She also adopted Beth, a 3-month-old puppy, and eventually became an unwelcome puppy in Battersea. Bartsey adopted the first stray dog in 1860. Since then, they have captured more than three million animals. They take care of 7000 animals a year. In 2015, the queen paid great respect to Camilla. Queen Elizabeth may not always agree with her son's relationship with Camilla, but over time, she changed her mind. So a few years ago she awarded the Duchess a great honor. In 2015, Camilla was appointed by the queen as the highest female rank in the order of Queen Victoria. After receiving this honor, Camilla was awarded the title of Lady of the great cross, which means that the queen has really accepted Camilla as her daughter-in-law. The Victorian royal order was awarded to those who served the monarch personally. Queen Victoria established this custom in 1896. As you may know, the royal family likes to watch tennis. They particularly like to go to Wimbledon. In 2015, Scottish player Andy Murray threw a signature wristband at the audience in Camilla. Instead of using the bracelet as a souvenir, she decided to do something good with it. She put the bracelet on auction site eBay and sold it for 2100 pounds. She followed Murray's advice and donated the proceeds to the Royal Veterinary College animal care trust. Camilla became a sponsor of the organization in 2005. Three years later, she launched a reconstruction project to upgrade Queen's hospital facilities