Six sure signs that your new love interest is a guardian


If relationships are easy, we don't have to talk about potentially dangerous signals, disappointment, jealousy or letting someone down easily. Even if love can be a battlefield, there are a few times when you can really have a spark with someone special. When this happens, you also feel nervous, because after so many heart attacks, you feel nervous, because the person you love will be the next one that breaks your heart. But before you start to despair, look at these signs. Your potential is permanent plus one you can trust. They do what they say. When they say they want to send a message, they send it. They will not forget your plan and live up to what they have promised you.

2。 They will call you. In this era, when someone picks up the phone and tries to call you, you may be shocked. It's great because it means they want to hear you and make their communication with you more personal.

3。 They will make plans with you during the day. It sounds silly, but most of the time, people you "date" are just people you "hook up with". If your new lover wants to see you during the day, they will definitely invest in getting to know you better.


4。 They want to know your friends. Anyone who is serious to you will know your friends and get along with them.

5。 They see you in the morning before making up, dressing and even brushing your teeth, and still call you beautiful. This is the person you should never let go. If they don't need to see you make up to attract you, throw away your make-up bag now Ha ha... Just kidding.

6。 They won't be shy about posting information about you on social media. This may be a snapchat or insta post, but if they are free to provide you space and time on social media platforms, they are yours.

7。 They will surprise you with lovely gifts. It may be flowers or just a lovely trinket, but if they take time to choose a special gift to surprise you, it's their flash signal in l-u-v with you.



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