Five red flags. The guy you're dating is a d-bag


I don't know if I'm the only one, but the date seems to be disappointing now. It's always nice to meet someone and set up an insta connection. With attention, Fun Dating, compliments, excitement, you may end up with a steady plus one on your way to everything, and then you wake up one day, your potential plus one has become a huge proportion of the total d-bag who no longer wants to spoil you. The problem with dating new friends is that we often turn a blind eye to bad behavior. The little red flag always comes out, we just pretend we can't see it, and then brush off these warning signs like a piece of flannelette. The problem with flannelette, however, is that it tends to hang around, unconsciously, everywhere. As a single girl, I have participated in countless d-packs. I have learned to pay attention to some red flags and tell me to go another way, and my current potential plus a single person who clicks every thirsty person to find a match on the Internet. Ah.

1。 They're strong when they walk out the door It's like it's really strong. anyone who overwhelms you with compliments, text messages, attention and a lot of planning in the first week or two of a date is a danger sign. These people are like fireworks: exciting, glittering, but going out quickly. If the people you've met recently don't seem to know you enough, trust me, they can, they will. What you want to do depends on you. Just watch out for these fireworks They'll burn you, they'll hurt you. This is not to say that all these fireworks will not continue to burn bright, some of them are real and ready to exclude you emotionally and physically. I just think it's best to be cautious before they prove themselves. They refused to make a promised plan. at first they all want to see you, but after a few weeks, they become less engaged and you think, "what's the matter? "So you ask them if they want to stay over the weekend. If you get any of the following answers, consider this a significant red flag, and it may be time to reassess how "amazing" the person you told your friend is.

"I can't (insert any excuses)" this weekend if they don't provide other contact time, think about it. I'm not even sure how to answer the question asking if someone would like to go out to play, but it's used surprisingly frequently. If they don't say "yes" or "no," they may be waiting to see if there is a better offer. Go to hell. "Cool" is just another way to say "maybe". Shh... Bye!


3。 You're always in touch. stop what you're doing and read the recent conversations you've had with people you want to be your regular boyfriend / girlfriend. Do you two start to contact equally or are you bearing the burden? If the person you're dating doesn't actively contact you, it's because you're not important on their priority list. Take a few days See what happens if you don't hit them first. Their reaction is likely to be one of the following.


- you won't hear from them again.

- they will think you have acted and beaten you, but once they think you're hooked again, they will relax and stop contacting you. New.

- they will ask why they didn't hear from you. You'll tell them what happened. They will apologize and say that if they don't even realize it, things will get better. **For reference only This has never happened to me or to any of my friends. **

4。 Their social media is full of flirtatious comments and tagged photos. Social media is terrible because things can be misunderstood in many ways. However, if the people you're with seem to have a steady flow of flirting and interaction, and are labeled "over friends" in a large number of photos, implying that they're with other people, then they're likely to be a player rather than looking serious to anyone. Don't waste time on these d-packs, they're not at your level.

5。 They say things like this I was walking home that night when I passed a couple on the sidewalk near the end of their date. I heard the guy say, "let's talk about it this weekend." The girl he was with lit up like a Christmas tree and told me it could be their first or second date. I could see a potential permanent hope in her eyes, and he rushed over and said, "but don't get too excited because I may not text you." Very good. No, please. You are a d-bag Bye! I hope that girl can find a better man. Accept these red flags, do what your heart tells you, and remember to protect yourself before making excuses for people who are not worth you



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