These alternate endings will change the way you watch your favorite famous movies

Back in the era of Blu ray, we dare say it's a DVD. One of the advantages of buying a movie is that you can see all the behind the scenes information, such as alternate endings. When you see the key decisions they make, a movie may have greater value, such as not killing a complete actor, who almost uses the horror shop to complete it. Sometimes, the original idea is very bad, very interesting, sometimes very controversial. Whether you agree with these changes or not, here's another ending. It's going to be a completely different movie. I am a legend. I could have ended more subtly with Warner Brothers.

The current ending is that legend highlights the title of the movie, because Will Smith's character becomes a legend through self sacrifice. Dr. Neville (Will Smith) treated Anna and Ethan and then blew himself up with those with dark eyes. In the other end, doctor Neville is not only alive, but the niggers are not evil in the end. In this version, they are actually looking for women in the experiment. Once they got her back, they lost interest in Dr. Neville. They just thought he was a murderer. If the ending of this movie is like this, it will present a brand new information about the otherness. It seems that the pink beauty follows an old tradition, that i s, people look for the wrong place of love in all films, only know that it is always in front of them (also known as their best friends). That's why Andy is so shocked when she ends up with the popular man instead of her dear friend, daki. It turns out that the initial outcome is exactly the same as we thought. Andy realizes she's in love with daki and they go to the ball together. The test audience didn't like the route, probably because it was tired and easy to predict. When it comes to predictability, the next Disney movie has almost taken an unexpected turn. The book of the jungle has lost a chapter. In the 1967 cartoon book of the jungle, morgley left his home in the jungle to live in the man's village. His decision was driven by a girl he liked more and more, which represented his need to be with others. In another version, the story continues. When a treasure hunter attacked the animals, mogley eventually killed the rival tiger sherhan with a rifle. The dramatic ending was finally excluded, leaving behind a much simpler and more lovely family classic. There are different fatalness in

fatal attraction there are different fatalness in

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fatal attraction the title itself indicates its end: someone died. How death happens, and it's finally adjusted to the taste of the audience. In the released version, Dan finally kills his arrogant adult heroine Alex and returns to his life. In a more realistic version, Alex committed suicide and framed Dan. This ending shows Alex's more crazy thoughts and the eternal trauma Dan will suffer. However, audiences prefer a happy ending and a clear villain. The next movie proves that sometimes the protagonist loses best in the end. The reason why Roche Balboa is so outstanding is that it has nothing to do with winning or losing, but has something to do with professional ethics. In this movie, Loki faces a challenger after retiring. In another ending, rocky won the battle with Mason. Silvestre Stallone is against the outcome. Although winning makes the audience feel good, it makes sense for lodge to insist on losing. Rocky's failure makes the character more human and lovely. The outcome of

1408 depends on where you see it. If you see 1408 at the American theater, congratulations on seeing the lightest version. In this photo, John Cusack's character lights a fire, burns the room, and escapes. When they were reunited with their wives, they all heard the recording of their ghost daughter in Mike's room, which proved the existence of the afterlife. In the UK and Australia, they show the original ending, which is also on FX. In this version, Mike dies in a fire and is reunited with his dead daughter. Meanwhile, the hotel manager found and heard the recording. Sweet home in Alabama has a less sweet ending. In the end, she reiterated her love for her childhood sweetheart, who celebrated with the patrons of their hometown. In the other end, Reese finally chose the same person, but there was a strange turn. A lightning storm broke out and Josh Lucas brought the dying Reese to the party. She jumped up. It was a big joke, symbolizing her rebirth as a southern girl. A strange turn was initiated. At least this death is a joke. The ending of the next film is not so pleasant. The world won the competition with Scott and ended up winning the girl he always had. Scott won with the help of his ex girlfriend, Xiao Dao Zhou. Their friendship explains Scott's ending with a knife. However, if there is no time limit, there may be a more terrifying outcome. In this version, at the end of the movie, a journalist reports the story of a serial killer who killed seven people and claimed that he was in a video game. If you think it's scary, it means Scott has been crazy. You won't believe that the next movie will turn into a nightmare.

horror shop almost becomes the world of terror

WarnerBrother Warner Brothers.

horror shop in a humorous but weird movie, the fear of aliens is brought to the city flower shop. Finally, Seymour's bloodthirsty factory was defeated, and he was finally able to be with his colleague Audrey. The sweet ending has a darker original plan. In another end, plants (named Audrey II) take over the world in coordination with other exotic plants before eating Audrey and Seymour. Egypt's outcome has not been well tested. It turns out that audiences don't like to see that human nature no longer exists.

> class P = "content tease"> the next movie does not threaten to kill the whole actor. But it's really close to ending an important role. The return of the Jedi almost killed the character dancing. The Ewoks play music, and everyone celebrates another successful victory. Critics who are dissatisfied with the outcome may be relieved to hear that it has taken a completely different course. If it turns out, Han Solo could be killed. Princess Leia will lead the battle against the Empire, while Luke and R2-D2 enter the sunset. The ending of "Titanic" may be funny. Who can forget the ending of "Titanic" when the old rose stabbed her valuable diamond into the sea? Although this part always ends the movie, in another version, she is not alone.

when she reaches the edge of the boat, she will be chased out by the team. Then she will give a speech on the importance of priceless treasure and throw the diamond out of the sky. Bill Paxton will laugh at the sky before everyone realizes they have the equipment to retrieve the diamond she just dropped. The next movie uses a darker alternative than the original plan.

Terminator 2 could have ended the sequel in the future. In this alternate ending, the movie will jump into the future, with an adult John Connor as a U.S. senator. In this future, trial day has never happened, and a proud Sarah Connor admires her successful son. Such a happy ending will prevent the next film from being shown, which will be teased in the final release. Instead, the terminator destroyed its microchip with molten steel, and John and Sarah headed for an unstable future. There is a missing element in Princess Diaries. There is a fairy tale ending that children like, but one thing is missing. Initially, the film ends with Princess MIA agreeing to rule Genoa and the usual tacky dance. When director Gary Marshall showed the film to his five-year-old granddaughter, she was disappointed to see Mia's castle. So Gary arranged for Disney to shoot a shot of the castle, which MIA might eventually fly over. At first, there was a scene of a hospital in the last scene of the film, where Danny and Wendy were taken care of. The hotel manager came in to tell Wendy that there was no evidence of supernatural activity. Then the manager will give Danny a creepy yellow ball to come to room 237 earlier in the movie. Stanley Kubrick, after noticing that the test audience was too obsessed with the climax of the film and didn't need to add suspense at the end of the film, decided to delete the lens

the ending of the next film is controversial and still controversial. One of the reasons why Superman is such a respected hero is that he has never killed anyone. Until the latest adaptation of the superhero classic "Iron Man" came out. In this version, Superman breaks Zod's neck and beats him.

producer Christopher Nolan pushed to change the ending to another one, and Zod would be expelled by Superman instead of killed. Zod's death won, and some fans are still debating whether this is the right decision. The next film has also caused some controversy over the years. It may disappoint people that stone painting is criticized for beautifying the life of female guards. No matter which side you prefer, if the ending doesn't change, the movie will be a completely different one. Initially, the film will not end with Richard Gere falling in love with Julia Roberts. There will be a darker and more realistic ending. They will quarrel. Richard will throw her envelope full of money to Julia and let her go back to life on the street corner. The low outcome will make ROM com a serious comment, and it may be more popular now. The fans of Julia Roberts will recognize the next film. My best friend's wedding should not have a happy ending. My best friend's wedding is good at making the audience completely different about Julia Robert's role. On the one hand, you want her to win over her best friend and ruin his wedding. On the other hand, she decided to ruin a good thing entirely for selfish reasons. That's why the outcome has been adjusted. At first, Julia met a new man at the wedding, suggesting that she finally found true love. Apparently the test audience didn't like to see the avenging friend win, so the writers ended the movie with her dancing with a Platonic friend.

prepare for some of the more and more creepy endings to come. It's hard to know whether aliens will win or lose in the years when they could have taken over the movie with so many aliens. It seems predictable that humans will win, but the movie that aliens will win is depressing. That's what director Ridley Scott had to deal with when he filmed alien. Everyone on the freighter died in the movie, except Alan Ripley, who managed toBlew up the cargo ship and escaped alive. However, another end result is that Allen was killed by aliens, who broadcast to earth with human voice. One executive rejected the outcome. The audience is more sensitive to the image of their favorite stars. That's why when Cary Grant was chosen to lead the Alfred Hitchcock film "suspicion," the ending had to be sacrificed in order not to tarnish Cary's heroic image. The film shows that Cary's character in the film is planning to kill his wife, and he will do the same in the original ending. On the contrary, the character is not a crazy murderer, but a thief who ends up in prison. The release form of the successful movie roll out is a little gentler than that originally written. At first, the movie ended with the protagonists arrested and charged with murdering the Armitage family, who barely escaped. Fortunately, screenwriter and director Jordan peel feels that Chris deserves a little bit of pity at the end. When the audience found out that it was just Chris's TSA friend who pulled him up to rescue him, the police light became a kind of teasing