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When Penny Marshall died in 2018, she left an incredible legacy. As a writer, director and actress, she is deeply loved by people. One of her most memorable films is their own league. The comedy retells the true story of the American women's Professional Baseball League. Marshall was crammed with stars in the movie lounge. From Tom Hanks to Gina Davis to pop icon Madonna, even the smallest role in a classic movie is played by a big star. However, the film has nothing to do with the actors. It's about the amazing women playing baseball when they were supposed to be full-time moms. It's a story of their own alliance. You won't believe how long the first clip of the movie has been on the slide! Before directing their own alliance, Penny Marshall was called Laverne in Laverne and Shirley. The TV comedy has her partner Cindy Williams as a working-class woman in Wisconsin. A show about professional women in the 1970s was groundbreaking at the time.

Ravin's role won three Marshall Golden Globes. Towards the end of the show, she began to direct the series and found a new love after the camera. At the end of the program, Marshall quickly produced her first film, Jumping Jack Flash, which was a serious failure But it was a commercial success when it was released in 1986. Two years later, Marshall used the word "big" to describe her efforts outside the park when she was a sophomore. The film, starring Tom Hanks, tells the story of a 12-year-old boy waking up at the age of 30. The box office of the film exceeded $100 million. This made Penny Marshall the first woman to direct a film that reached the turn of the century. It won't be the last record she broke.

"baseball is not crying! "

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in 1992, four years after the big man came out, Penny Marshall directed their own league . Another critical business darling, the film has stood the test of time. But what makes it so special? First, it puts a large group of women in front of the camera. The number of male characters in most films is far more than that of female characters. It's not their own league. Just look at the cast and you'll see that this is a film about the strong women made by the strong women. Keep reading and understand the special features of "their own alliance"! It all started in World War II. During the Second World War, the stars of the major league of American professional baseball were drafted into the army. Rich businessmen feared the Games would go bankrupt until Walter Harvey founded the all American women's Professional Baseball League. Haveri hired Ella Lowenstein to run the league and Ernie kapadino to look for players. In 1943, the League began its first season. The movie tells the story of Jimmy Dugan's World Series champion peach. [P>

into the past [H3> Columbia picture s

a League of their own began in 1988 with the opening of an exhibition on women's Baseball League in cuperstown. Marshall follows dotty Hansen, a face in the league, who is reunited with old friends and teammates. When women recalled good times, Marshall went back 45 years ago Back to where it all started. With the arrangement of the stage and the audience, the film begins, telling an old story. On the next slide, learn how long the first clip is! When Penny Marshall completes her first "clip" of their own alliance, several scenes must be edited. Knowing that the studio would never release a four hour Sports Comedy, she was forced to do a lot of editing on the last film. One of Marshall's biggest clips was to delete the conversation between Dottie and kit about Dottie's relationship with her husband. Another sad thing about Marshall's loss was that Walter Harvey exposed a secret bar on the wall of his office. Marshall set up the scene just to show off the bar. The first film studio contacted by Columbia picture s

Marshall was fox, and she rejected her. After fox mistakenly rejected Marshall, she turned the script over to Sony. Fox's rival studios seized the opportunity to work with the director and produce the film. After watching the documentary "I'm a League of my own", Penny Marshall was inspired to make a League of her own. Until then, she didn't even know all the women's leagues in history. H3> box office

picture> picture> Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Warner Bros. At the opening weekend, it faces fierce competition with Batman's return. Revenue of $13.2 million is not enough to knock down the film, but Marshall's films far exceed its own.

the second weekend of the movie is almost the same as that of the first weekend. I earned $11.5 million on my second weekend's strong performance, which put it ahead of Tim Burton's Gothic superhero movie and in first place. At the end of their incredible run, a coalition of their own earned $107 million.

is still in the lead. Learn about the TV derivatives that stand out among the audience! It was an unexpected hit in the summer when their own league of theirs TV spin off was developed. The play premiered on CBS in 1993, directed by penny Marshall. It's a ratings failure.

CBS broadcast another episode before the show went off. Later this year, there were two more episodes on the air, and then they stopped. Even without an episode directed by Tom Hanks, it helped the struggling drama find its place.

"all the way" May's nickname is

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pop star Madonna played the role of "all the way" May. In another deleted scene, the nickname "along the way" is explored. In the clip, Dottie tells kit not to hang around Mae because she's not sure how far she'd like to go "all the way.". She was forced to explain to her sister that she did not know that freedom was something that married women "had to" or "had to" do. At the end of the shoot, this scene did not affect the development of the whole story. The selection of actors and actresses is very fierce. Columbia Pictures

films is in Southern California, which has proved to be very fierce. More than 2000 women auditioned, but before they could perform a scene for Marshall, they needed to prove they could play baseball. The only actress left out of the crowd was Gina Davis. She and Marshall had a private audition at the director's house. At the first meeting, she didn't leave a deep impression, but she did enough work and became one of the main characters of the film. Walter Harvey is played by Penny's brother. The actor who plays Walter Harvey is Gary Marshall. Marshall himself was an accomplished director who played the role after the actor was eliminated in the last minute. Most of his career is spent behind the camera, walking in front of the camera is a change of rhythm. In 2016, Gary Marshall died, leaving behind a host of classic films. One of his most successful films is beautiful woman, which introduces the world to Julia Roberts. The last film he directed was mother's day. Learn how dangerous it is to shoot the next slide! During the filming of "I'm a League of my own", the Columbia pictorial was injured, and most of the actresses were slightly injured. Anne Ramsey, who plays Helen Haley, is trying to catch a ball that fell off her glove and hurt her nose. In 2013, 21 years after the movie was released, Gina Davis and Bob Costas sat together and talked about how dangerous it was to finish filming. She revealed, "some of our real actors, slipping into the house, had their legs torn. It's crazy. "

Gina Davis is not Marshall's first choice for Dottie.

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Gina Davis may have done just enough in her first meeting with Penny Marshall to get the role of Dottie, but that doesn't mean she's the director's first choice. Far from it. Before getting along with Davis, Marshall tried to get Debra Wenger to accept the role. When Wenger said no, Marshall went after Laura Dean, Jennifer Jason Lee and finally Demi Moore. No one knows exactly why the winger said no, but it's rumored that Madonna acted in the film without her permission. In the blink of an eye, Bill Pullman made a guest appearance. You'll miss the moment when Bill Pullman, the star of independence day and big love, appeared in their own league as an extra. Do you remember when Dottie looked at her husband's picture? The hero in the picture is Pullman.

Pullman also has a few minutes of screen time, but not more. In most of the movie, his character is fighting overseas in the war. Or, in the real world, just another movie. He made five films in 1992! There is a slide that Geena Davis is not allowed to do. One of the most difficult parts of Columbia Pictures is its physics. It's no use wearing a six inch skirt. However, almost every slide is performed by the actress herself. Only one slide was done by stuntman. For a particularly complex slide, Penny Marshall asked Gina Davis to sit on the bench, preferring a trained professional to put her body aside. The decision has nothing to do with Davis's lack of athleticism. This slide was taken near the end of the shoot, when Madonna played baseball like an experienced professional baseball player. Madonna is a real-life diva. The Colombian film "Colombia" is true to the image of her diva. Madonna is extremely difficult and selfish on the scene. She wants the whole work to be focused on her, and she gets upset when Penny Marshall focuses on other actors and actresses. She is also rude to nearly 1700 extras on the set every day. Tom Hanks, Rosie O'Donnell and her other co stars developed the habit of interacting with t's hem and signature. Hanks even entertained them with puppet shows. Madonna actively avoided them. The role of Rossi O'Donnell was created for her. At first, Rossi O'Donnell auditioned for Mara's role. Before Megan cavalna auditioned and hit a home run, she was almost in the lead. But Penny Marshall didn't plan to let O'Donnell escape, but created Doris for her. The new role played well. O'Donnell's chemistry with madonna on the screen is undeniable. Unfortunately, they don't have more cooperation. Imagine a comedy starring Madonna in prince charming and O'Donnell rookie wildcat! In one version of the script, Jimmy Dugan and Dottie finally came together. The pair were turned down and a play was cut offIt's to keep the audience from thinking. We don't know what the motivation for change is, but we know exactly what happened in the lost scenario. At the moment of loss, Dottie watched Jimmy play at night. He admitted to her that he liked watching her performance. She told him she liked baseball, kissed him and ran away. The hall of fame actresses are real players who pay homage to the original players of the National Women's Professional Baseball League. Although Dottie and other peaches are actresses, the actresses who roam the exhibition are real-life actresses.

began in 1943, and aagpbl staged its last season in 1954. When pepas reunited in June 1982, it was forgotten for nearly 30 years. In 1986, a formal players' League was established, and a year later, a documentary about Penny Marshall's own league came out. What is the founder of aagpbl selling?

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in the film, the founder of the National Women's Professional Baseball League is Walter Harvey, played by penny Marshall's brother and director Gary Marshall. Harvey's character is a candy tycoon. His wealth comes from chocolate bars, but not in real life. The real founder of aagpbl is Philip K. regley, the guy whose name appears on the little bear's regley field and the gum celebrity. We can't be sure why we need to change such small details, but at least there is a difference between film and real life. Every actress in the movie has to prove that she is a baseball player, which means that many of the captures and slides they perform are their own. Even after her infamous days on the set, Madonna showed that she worked as hard as anyone else. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean she has any performance in the game. Her role started at third base, but it was hard for Madonna to hit any touchdown. Marshall did what she had to do and took Madonna out to cover up her lack of defense. The uniforms are authentic they're shooting. If they need to make their uniforms dirtier, all they need to do is take a walk around the base path. But if they have to re shoot a scene where their clothes need to be clean, that's where the second uniform is.

Marshall made sure that uniforms and webbed gloves were made exactly as real as they were then. It also means playing games is much more dangerous. You've probably seen Rosie O'Donnell's character throw two balls at two catchers at the same time. But it's not Hollywood's trick. O'Donnell actually knows how to throw two balls at the same time. In fact, this is a skill she learned from an original member of aagpbl! Gina Davis also captured a pop-up behind her in the film. Although such a thing is usually done by stunt double, Davis is actually his own stunt! She was supposed to have a double acting scene, but when the double couldn't do it, Davis decided she could. Now that you know the behind the scenes facts of the movie, please read on to learn about the real all girls' league that inspires the movie! You won't believe what they really let them do As a result of World War I I, the number of spectators in baseball field is decreasing. By 1942, professional baseball players were leaving the field to join the army. Baseball fields in major leagues across the United States are at risk of loss. Philip K. reigley, who has a reputation for chewing gum, inherited the franchise from his father and is worried about the future of the Chicago Cubs. He asked Ken sels, assistant general manager of the cubs, to help him come up with a solution. Sears and his council have proposed a women's softball league to keep spectators in national parks. In the spring of 1943, the American women's softball league was established as a non-profit organization. The first professional women's softball league was founded in the middle of the first season. After several changes, the League was renamed aagbl. This distinguishes the professional league from the existing softball league, especially the aagbl rules and the MLB rules. The American women's Professional Baseball League (aagbl) has been renamed the all American women's Professional Baseball League (aagpbl), which is controversial due to its short infield and low hander pitches. It kept the name until 1945, and it will be called aagbl again until 1950. Over the past five years, North American women have rushed to join the ranks, and women from the United States and Canada have been invited to major cities to participate in professional team trials. 280 women were invited to the finals in Chicago, and 60 were selected as the first professional women's baseball players. The Kenosha comets, Racine bass, Rockford peaches and South Bend blue Sox are the top four official teams of the Professional Baseball Association. They represent a city closely linked to the Chicago League Headquarters. Each team has 15 players, a manager, a business manager and a female trainer. They are there to make sure that the girls follow a strict set of rules. With the start of spring training in 1943, the young girls proved themselves to be excellent players. The players have a lot to prove. Their ability to perform on the field, as well as their skills in pitching, catching, running, sliding and hitting, have been tested. The players signed a contract and agreed not to take on any other form of work throughout the season. This is a huge opportunity for 15-year-old women, who are now earning more than their parents. However, at the cost of the team, girls' athletic ability is not the only thing closely monitored. If they want to compete, they must follow some rules

players are strictly required to follow certain rules as part of the contract. Although they are playing sports, they are still required to maintain certain standards of femininity. In spring training, after a long period of field training, women were asked to attend glamour schools. Helena Rubinstein's beauty salon has a contract to meet the girls every night. They offer courses in etiquette, make-up, personal hygiene, etiquette and dress code. Players should maintain these standards at all times when they are not playing. They have to play like men, but they always look like women. Each player will get a charming school guide, which lists very detailed instructions on how to perform best on and off the court. The tour guide brought a kit that included cleaning cream, lipstick, depilatory and other women's products. "

" from your own interests, your teammates and teammates are the most needed, and from the point of view of the public relations of the league, every girl is fashionable and attractive, whether on the field or in leisure time, "said the guide. Aagpbl is so strict that it's like the carer is their nanny. Their uniforms are designed to look good, but not to protect them from occupational hazards. The players suffered serious bruises and other injuries, especially from slipping to the base. Under a tunic with a short skirt, the players wore Satin shorts, knee high Baseball Socks and hats. These uniforms were inspired by figure skating, hockey and tennis clothes of that era. The uniform of the whole league is the same, but the color is different. Each team has its own patch, which is based on its own city seal. The alliance controls all aspects of their social life. There's a reason why the league wants to control players' performance on the court, but the control of the League also extends to off-site life.

guardians have even had to approve potential social events of interest to girls, as well as living arrangements and dining places. They are also banned from drinking and smoking in public places. However, maintaining their female image is crucial. Their rule is: "always wear women's clothing when not actively practicing or playing."

caregivers are mostly nannies

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team escorts who monitor girls' behaviors on site and act as any guidance personnel that girls may need.

according to the aagpbl Charm School Guide, "your escort is your friend, consultant and guide She has direct responsibility to you for your family, hiring her club and the League she represents. Comply with the rules and regulations in a way that will not affect her. If you have any personal problems, please feel free to go to her, you will get more fun and better benefits from your contacts. " Many of the aagpbl's successes come from the players' efforts to support the war. If you cut your hair, you can get it from the team. It is very important to follow the rules for

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otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences. Five dollars for the first foul and 10 dollars for the second. If there is a third foul, the player will be suspended. Sometimes the League will fire a player directly. That's what happened to Josephine "Joe" D'Angelo, who was fired for cutting her hair too short. Baseball historians believe that strict rules and controls on the appearance of girls are designed to prevent viewers from thinking that these players are lesbians, but many of them are, according to reports, actual MLB players who have become managers of these teams. Professionals are hired in the hope that people will be interested in coming out to see the women's team. In this photo, former inside player and Boston Red Sox manager Martin McManus helped Dottie kamenshek hit the ball during spring training in 1944. Other former MLB players who signed coach aagbpl include Bert neihoff, Josh billings, Eddie Stumpf and bill Allington, who never lost a season in charge of Rockford peaches and Wayne Daisy castle. The ongoing war goes hand in hand with aagpbl.

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aagpbl succeeded in the first season, with more than 175 people and 1000 fans. The second year is also full of hope. The ongoing war has inspired people's patriotism, and many of the audience are impressed by the ability of the girls to move. Athletes spend most of their time off the field supporting the war. A performance match was held in the barracks and veterans' hospital. Athletes visit wounded soldiers before and after the game. Of course, many players have brothers, husbands or other relatives to fight. Next, let's look at some of the most unforgettable female baseball players! It will be a great inspiration for

Dottie kamenshak:

picture> I> mark Rucker / transcendental figure, Gatty image I> mark Rucker / transcendental figure, Gatty image P> Dorothy "dottee" kameskk to play a large part of aagpbl for Rockford peach. She was selected to play in the League at the age of 17, and carmenschek started on the field, but was soon transferred to first base. She is widely regarded as one of the greatest female athletes of the 20th century, with an average professional batting rate of. 292. In more than 3700 bat wars, carmenschek only made 81. The seven time all star is famous for her doubles combination with the next player. Snookie Harrell is a key all star for the Rockford peaches. Harrell pitches with his right hand, with an average batting rate of 0.228 in his whole life. Her career peaked in 1947 when she was first selected for the all star team. Since that year, she has been leading the Rockford peaches in batting for four consecutive seasons. In herIn her career, she has 306 playing points, 229 stolen bases, and only played 95 times in nearly 3000 batters. Harrell helped her team make six playoffs and win four titles.

Audrey Wagner can pitch and hit

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Audrey Wagner (right most) is one of 60 contestants aagpbl. She joined comet Kenosha as a pitcher, but eventually became a fielder because of her excellent batting skills. In 1948, Wagner won the player of the year award and was the only player to hit an average of 0.300 points that season. She also made her second all star, tied fourth in home run and eighth in RBIs. After joining aagpbl, she spent a few years in the short-lived National Women's Baseball League (NGBL), where Helen Nicole could beat almost anyone. She will work with comet kinosha and Rockford peaches for nearly a decade, with an average age of 1.97. Sometimes known as Helen fox, Nicole had to adjust when aagpbl issued new rules. Aagpbl used to need to pitch, much like softball. But as the rules were modified to closely reflect baseball, side arm and forehand pitching were necessary. It took Nicole more than a season to get the ball down, and then she won four playoffs of her own