#FBF 6 MTV crib episode you have to revisit

Happy Friday! We all survived the first week of January. If your resolution is still intact, and you're eating salad while reading this on the treadmill, you're crazy! If you don't eat an egg in the carriage, be yourself, baby! In this film festival, we want to bring it back to the glorious era of MTV. You know what I mean, right? MTV spring break, days of pimping, and of course, the once brilliant MTV crib. To make a call on the first Friday of 2017, let's review six episodes of the amazing MTV crib that you should revisit immediately. Our poor girl has a tough start this year. Let's go back to her heyday, when she was a complete lunatic!

Tony Hawke – whoa baby, give me that 100 CD changer! Talk about dating luxury.

Ja Rule – shout out Ja Rule because he has a party with guests like Vin Diesel and Jay-Z on the show.

Redman – our hero! Redman doesn't do anything, his crib makes us happy with life. Besides, his story is the best.

Richard Branson - on the other hand, Richard Branson's private island is completely untrue. Adopt me, sir!

Aaron Carter - don, he knew Nick Carter's eccentric little brother could swing a 13 bedroom mansion in keys, Florida