Kanye West finally confirmed that Jesus was the king's release date

Fans of Kanye West experience emotional roller coasters in his upcoming album. "Jesus is king" has several rumored release dates, all of which have passed, and no new music has come out. To be fair, West himself did not officially give a release date until now. The rapper announced on twitter that his new album will be released on October 25. As many expected, the film will be released with his new documentary of the same name. The album was originally thought to have been released on September 27 after his wife, Kim Kardashian, released a picture of a track list on her instagram. Later, she updated her fans' latest news, after saying without saying a word that the release time would only be postponed for two days, but the audience was at a loss again. As he was released, West embraced his newly discovered faith and spirituality. He recently announced his conversion to Christianity and said that after calling it "devil's music," he had considered giving up rap music, only time to prove whether West would finally stick to it and send the new album to fans.