How to deal with the inevitable 7 ways


To be sure, we are ready for the end of 2016. Some of us are really counting days, well, maybe 2017 will be the time. Naturally, because 2016 is a year of failure, we have lost so many great people, and the possibility of hype in New York is unprecedented This means that the spirit of new year's day will be unprecedented low after a bad night. Plan and manage your expectations ahead of time, so 2017 is a miracle from day one. There are seven ways to deal with the inevitable pull-down, that is, Nai: embrace and suck picture> [/ *] picture. Find Uber, deal with the soaring price, queue up to go to the toilet and bar, because it's a holiday, so the price of drinks is too high. Embrace this crap, know what you're doing, and enjoy!

remember that kissing at midnight is not everything. Even if you are going through a dry period, you may have kissed before. If you don't have a stranger's kiss in the middle of the night, you'll survive. In fact, you can do more than just survive! If your standards of kissing are intact, you will survive.

No pie is better than your dream party. When you put on your party dress, you may be imagining a world-class party. Your dream party has a chocolate fountain, a lavish midnight fireworks show and Leonardo DiCaprio dancing with you. It won't be like this in a puddle near your house. Keep a realistic vision so you don't get disappointed.

stay optimistic


every experience is related to your attitude and the people around you. Even if your night doesn't go as planned, keep a positive attitude and remember all the things you are grateful for and lucky for!

skip Mega bash

you know what Mega bash looks like. There are premium and Bash champagne toasts and fewer star decorations. The bathroom and uncomfortable shoes are all arranged. Don't mess up. Plan a big dinner or a small family party with friends. It's better to be with your favorite group than a room full of drunk strangers.

don't be ignited


hangover is the worst. It's just a fact. If your night is bad, the hangover is just icing on the cake. Drink one or two responsible beers (not four or seven) and wake up feeling like a champion, not a junkie.

eat your favorite meal

January 1 marks the beginning of "diet and exercise" life. To make sure your New York City is a hit no matter what, treat yourself to your favorite cheat meal before you dive into a world full of carrot sticks and green juice.



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