Nine signs that your ex friend is squeezing you


Breaking up is never easy, especially when you are with their friends. Being single again will suddenly draw an invisible line. You are not sure whether you should cross this line, just like being friends with your ex boyfriend. Sometimes the line works, sometimes it doesn't, but if you end up drinking coffee and cooling with your ex boyfriend, pay attention to the following 9 signs, they have some serious fuzzy feelings about you.

1. Every time you go out, they start paying. When you feel cold, anyone who starts to pay for everything is a reliable signal that they think you are the bee's knee.


2。 When they are on vacation, they will make extra efforts to write postcards and text you. No one really writes postcards and looks for stamps on holiday unless they miss you very much.

3。 They tell you straight out how cool they think you are. When you feel out of control, you know they're powerful.

4。 You start to notice that they make excuses to make casual physical contact with you. A hug, an interesting bump or poke are all excuses to get close to you.


5。 They are not shy to tell you how lovely you are. They can act it as a friendly compliment, but in fact, they leave a rather heavy hint here.

6。 Your predecessor's name is rarely mentioned If so.

7。 You know your ex boyfriend didn't know you were chatting with his best friend. If he doesn't make a public statement about his friendship with you, it's probably because he's trying to hide his obsession with your ex. And your ex won't be happy when he finds out.

8。 Your loitering is starting to get really "dated.". In order to clarify this point, the child tries to turn some ordinary things into some lovely and interesting things, only one couple will do it together.

9。 They avoid talking about their dating lives. No one who squeezes you will begin to describe their current situation in detail.



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