What every girl thinks when she starts to crush her boyfriend


It's hard to be infatuated, but one day, when you suddenly feel more than a friend to someone you always thought was just a good friend, it's even harder to be infatuated. This can be super confusing, scary, and makes you start to stress whether you should try to cross the line and make it a BF / GF type relationship. So it's no surprise that when every girl sees this, she will think of the following questions. My God, when did my friend get so hot? Is he always so naive?


2。 Wait! What am I thinking! We are just friends!!

3。 I want to know if he feels more than his friends look at me?

4。 Should I read all our internal jokes?

5。 We can never date Our friendship will be destroyed.

6。 But what if he's "that"? “

7。 No, no... He can't be the only one Or can he?

8。 Ah, I hate feelings.

9。 I may just crush him, because no one else can crush him.

10。 Oh, my God, I hope it's normal for me to be with him.


11。 I want to know who he's squeezing. She may not be as cool as I am.

12。 Wait, I've decided it won't happen.

13。 Even so, I'll hate that it's not my guy he's dating.

14。 Fuck it.

15。 Should I say something?

16。 If I'm so nervous, I'm sure I like him.

17。 If I decide what to say, I'd better follow his social media to make sure he doesn't flirt with anyone.

18。 I hate social media because it looks like he's flirting with everyone. No one is as cute and lively as me.

19。 FML

20。 I wish I'd never seen him, because it's too bad.



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