The best Kylie Jenner quote

I'm sorry. I think Kelly Jenner is very good. When the haters continue to hate, Kelly has been living a cartoon life, saying funny things along the way. She took the criticism calmly and took a very strong dgaf attitude towards people's views on her. Since the focus has been on Kelly and her family, she has said some good choices that can easily transition to the situation we have been facing. Ha ha... Take a look at the following.

when someone asks about interesting facts about you.

when you want anyone who questions what you're saying to shut up. When you have to say the last sentence.

for others when someone tries to deprive you of your personality by comparing you. When you want to break up with someone. When you want to complain about something very basic. When someone you don't know comes to you for spitting because you've been compensated. When someone you don't know tries, when you have to explain why you missed the curfew, you have to push you down. When you can't accept what others say to you.

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