Best drone photos ever: Stunning images taken from the sky

Fabien Barrau is a digital artist from France who works with big brands offering them his advertising expertise.

On his spare time, however, he is an avid enthusiast of pareidolia - a phenomenon in which someone sees a pattern or image of something that does not exist, for example, a face in a cloud. Pushing the concept a little bit further, Fabien uses stock images, as well as, his own photographs taken with a drone to create photomontages that show animals, objects and shapes that otherwise don't occur naturally.

Not only does he create, but he also tries to direct our attention to real problems. His art is able to change our perception of the world.

We was stunned by these skillfully done works and realized that we couldn’t hide this beauty from you. We invite you to enjoy it together with us!

So scroll down and check out the picturesque artworks for yourself!

1. A clever approach to direct our attention to the burning forests