When your lover likes your friend you think of 10 things


Crushing is tricky. They can attack you quickly and violently, and as a result they disappear when they come. They may be single, or if the stars are so arranged, work hard and develop a relationship. However, when you are infatuated, the worst thing is to find out that the person you admire has feelings for your friends. It's bad. When you're hit by emotions, these 10 things come to mind. Ha ha... What? It can't be... Wait... Really? Oh!


2。 I wonder if she likes him, too?

3。 When and how did it happen?!

4。 I love my friend, but really, why does he like her rather than me?

5。 I didn't miss any signs of flirting on instagram Is it?


6。 If they start dating, I will definitely die.

7。 Wait... My friend won't do that to me Right?

8。 I hate him. Can't a crush help me out? It's not fair.

10。 Who else can I fall in love with?



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