That's why I first dated


So last time I talked to you about my annoying dating life, I told you about the man I broke up with, because he took everything I had to offer for granted and treated me as a disposable dirty diaper. Well, one thing I didn't mention was that five days after that, I met someone who looked great at a memorial service. Yes, it sounds a little morbid, maybe a little inappropriate, but sometimes the universe is very strange, meeting a magical person usually happens at the most unexpected time. It's no surprise that the party for a beautiful girl who was soon taken away from the earth was filled with people from all walks of life and people of different ages attended. One of the first people I noticed when I came in was a man with a beard and sunglasses. It's cute, but it's not my type. Soon, I was attracted by the beautiful scenery, conversation and memory. As soon as the party was over, I went to my friend's best friend's house for a small party. The bearded man was there. About 30 minutes later, we were at a table. He introduced himself and we started talking. So this guy is cool It's interesting. Very attractive Very confident. I like all the qualities of a person, but he is actually cute, which is an extra reward. As the rest of the evening went on, we continued to chat, and finally shared an Uber with him in the evening, where we wandered for a few more hours until it was time to say goodbye to him, and the plan was going to hang up soon. To be fair, he immediately said that he met a girl in Paris and she was going to visit her. Well, because I didn't invest in him, I shrugged and said, "cool." A few weeks later, due to our travel schedule, we had to wait nearly three weeks until we could get together for a date. During that time, we texted, joked, called and video. I began to fall in love with this newly discovered baby, and then said, "Wow, maybe this is not my favorite type of guy, but my favorite type!"! "The Paris girl is the farthest thing in my mind. So when we first dated, I asked him if he could have a drink and something to eat at his house in the evening. He is in a low mood. I think this is a great opportunity to have some wonderful conversations in a low-pressure environment, free from the interference of servers, personnel and the public. The day of our appointment finally arrived, I'm very excited! I can see that he is, too. We texted all day and prepared a plan. At 8 o'clock that night, I was at his door. He was more lovely than I remembered. We were chatting and decided what to eat and drink. Soon he went to the corner to buy a bottle of wine. The Chinese are on their way. Soon there was wine in our glasses, candles on the table, and hot delicacies on the plate. I kept thinking, "God, this is perfect." All topics were covered, including a brief history of dating, where I told him frankly about the disappointment I had with men who hadn't exercised in the past. Then the conversation turned to him telling me that he had planned a week's work trip to Los Angeles. "I'll be there the day you go back to New York." I said. "

" yes. "We are like ships in the dark," he replied. "At that time, he destroyed everything by following up:

" you know I'm transparent, do you know the girl from Paris I told you about? "? "Oh, yes," I said, a little annoyed. "

" well, she found a cheap ticket and is flying to Los Angeles to wait for me. " It suggests that my stomach is not comfortable. I try to be calm and don't care, but as time goes by and dinner is over, I can't help feeling sick. Isn't this my date? Didn't I come to his house to let us know each other? Isn't this my chance to impress him? A man told me where his future date with another girl was going? !!! It's not about him dating people. It's about respecting my time, my feelings, our dates. Once again, I don't think I'm a priority. I don't have a chance. His idea has been traveling in Los Angeles with another girl. I just fill in the time. I felt frustrated, hurt and angry tears gathering behind my eyes, so I forgave myself and went to the bathroom. I stood looking out of the window, frustrated and disappointed. I want to go back five minutes ago, when I was still excited and happy and didn't want to be anywhere but him across the table. Uh. I didn't know what I was going to do, but I couldn't stay there forever, so I flushed the toilet, washed my hands, and walked back to the table. We all picked up our glasses and I followed him to the living room, but what happened inside? He looked at my face and immediately asked, "what's the matter? You look blue. " I don't even hesitate or pretend I'm ok. Can I be completely transparent to you? "


" of course. " I wish you were "not so transparent to me," I said. When I went on, "this is our first real date, I don't know why you think it's necessary to tell me about your plan with another girl. I'm really tired of men making me feel like I'm not a priority, and it's bad that no matter who I date, there will always be another girl that's a better choice. I really don't think what I think is very good, so I think it's better to go home. Thank you for dinner. "

" OK, I see. " It's his answer. Turn your eyes fucking. I put on my jacket, grabbed my bag and left. When I went outside, I called a close friend. When I told her about my first date, she was disappointed and I shed a few tears. She was very sympathetic and assured me that I had done the right thing, taking care of my feelings first. 30 minutes later, I went home, took a hot bath, wanted to wash off my sticky things, and then went to bed. I woke up the next morning with nothing on him. I thought he would at least text me to make sure I went homeThat's all right. You may even say "I'm sorry," but it's radio silence. He's not the right person for me, it's a clear sign. I don't think he is a bad guy in my heart. He's just very insensitive to women's feelings. I have registered with several girlfriends, my mother and my brother. They all said I did the right thing and treated myself with the highest self-esteem. Of course, it's a little intimidating to stand up and protect myself, but I don't regret that I ended my appointment early. Stings, disappointments and frustrations will gradually disappear, but it's definitely time for dating to lose weight. It's time to cheer me up, it's time to cheer me up, it's time to cheer me up and move into a brighter future with the better people who want to treat me the way I deserve it.

for anyone who finds himself in my position, it's not so important to help himself and take some time to decide what's more worthwhile, your self-esteem, or a man's attention to your feelings.



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