That's how I was rejected by my dream lover


Nowadays, it's easy to hide behind a computer or smartphone, slide left and right, like personal data, and chat with potential love interests. Rejection is as simple as tapping a button. In real life, being honest with someone face to face doesn't bring pressure or guilt. It's easy to be a coward. When your fingers do all the work, don't practice self-confidence. I personally hate online dating. I tried a few apps and dated a few men and found that no matter what platform I was on, I saw the same face. This group of single men began to feel really Small. I've never been 100% comfortable putting myself on the Internet as an excuse, so I made a confident, single girl decision not to date the app, back to real human interaction. If I see someone I like, I'll go and say hello and see what happened. In theory, I like the idea, but I still walk silently through the big kids on the sidewalk, and spend the night of dating with my cat and Netflix at home Say some cliches. Fortunately, everything has changed all summer. It's Saturday in New York. I don't have much to do. My cat woke me up at 6:30 in the morning, begging for food like a little pig. It's pointless to have another sleep. I took a 9 a.m. hot yoga class, went home to lie in bed and took part in the half marathon of the second season of sex and the city. I finally took a bath, dressed, went out at 3 p.m. and wandered around the big apple for several hours. Since I didn't have a definite destination, I began to follow strangers to see my ending. The idea of being with strangers sounds strange and creepy (well, maybe creepy), but the reason I do it is not that I want to end up in a place I've never been before. I started following a couple, then a man with a black backpack. I'm underwater now and decided to keep going west until I found someone else. I suddenly came to the South Street harbor, but there were too many tourists and breakfast for me. I quickly left the area, chiseled a path through the tall buildings, covered me with ultraviolet light, and then picked a guy in a green T-shirt to take me elsewhere. Finally, I was "left" in the battery park, a place I never visited, because my second visit to New York City in 2003 found it surprisingly mellow. I sat on the bench and drew some comics. When I was tired of the families camping on the bench next to me (occupying my space and basically forcing me to leave my place), I put my notebook in a backpack full of jewels and began to walk along the water. Turning a corner, I saw a very small film production going on. There was a couple in silly straw hats, old-fashioned clothes, doing some dancing. They're followed by someone I guess is the director. I walked past them and stood up against the railings, a little out of sight. It was at that time that I saw him. A slender, 6-foot-2-inch baby. He's wearing a black T-shirt, Tan pants and sneakers, thick chocolate brown hair and dark sunglasses that make him very attractive as a movie star. When I see him smile at what he said to the director, I know I'm not going anywhere. He's helping with the production, fiddling with some lenses, tweaking other gadgets, just hanging around. He looked, saw me looking at him, looked curiously, and went back to what he was doing. I can't see his eyes, so it's hard to say if he thinks I'm a baby, or if I look stupid in that suit. Uh... I felt flustered. When I was already sweating from the high temperature in late August, an undeniable tingling and intense sweat rushed to the surface of the water. I want to go away, but I feel like a baby and dare not take the first step. My legs are jelly, and I'm confident that if I let go of the railings that separate me from the Bay, I'll trip and catch all the wrong attention. Then I was saved by the bell. Or my phone rings. It's Audrey, one of my best friends, from Los Angeles, maybe the only one, and I'm still talking on the phone. I'll pick it up in a minute. " God, I'm so fucking glad you called me."

let Audrey answer the phone. I can walk to the public toilet and sit far enough away from the super baby. He can't hear me, but he is close enough. I can look at him like an onlooker. " When I talk to oder, I'm a lurker. " er, the biggest baby ever sat in front of me." Is it true? What does he look like? "

I described the dream lover to Audrey, who released the tension of love at first sight. Soon, in a conversation about the latest "to-do" in our lives, her dating life and some gossip about our friends, I relaxed moderately, but every few minutes, I couldn't help but say, "oh my God, Audrey, this guy is so damn hot. I don't know what to do. Finally Audrey said, "go and say hello." Why? "

because what if he has a girlfriend? What if he doesn't like me? "You should go and say hello to him," she suggested. "I've done it before. Once I went to someone and said, "you're a baby. Do you want to go to a party?"? "We last dated for nine months." " Yes, but that's you. Guys love you. " This is true. Audrey has a knack for getting people hooked on "Hello," a magic I've never mastered. There is a friend whose energy, smile and character attract a bee like man to pollen, which sometimes makes people scared. I doubt that if I go to this beautiful ideal man,Will I have the same reaction. Nevertheless, when she said "I think you should say hello" again, I listened to her voice. When she started telling a story about a recent rejection, I opened my mouth to try to make a lame excuse for why I couldn't. Wait... Audrey was Refused? I have an appointment with Mike. He agreed and cancelled the appointment two days later. Obviously, he just started dating this girl and said that he really planned to work with her, and it might not be a good idea to date her and take me. " As my friend Brian said, be careful. It blew. This is my beautiful friend who told me that a man gave up her for a girl. According to everyone, this girl sounds very basic and boring. It's terrible. However, Audrey is not too depressed. In fact, she is going to talk about the game changers in my dating life. The third time she said, "I think you should go and say hello to this guy.". "What do you have to lose? So if there's no result. It's good for people to be rejected. Audrey is right. I have nothing to lose. I can't sit in this damn Manhattan hot afternoon anymore. My sunscreen may no longer work, and all the sweat and city dirt are likely to make me look like Lindsay Lohan stumbled out of the da club in 2009. I have an excited confidence and a verbal commitment, "OK! I will! "It's so cool! To be rejected, and then call to tell me everything! "

I hung up, but now the director and the eccentric actors are talking about the next scene around my dream lover. Fuck it. I couldn't get up when there were people around, so I wrote my number on a piece of paper, put it in my back pocket, and then retired to the public bathroom. I am very excited to find it big, clean, empty, and mirror! I peed from my earlier coffee and water, washed my hands, looked in the mirror and thought, "well, you don't look like a real witch." In fact, I think I look reasonable and lovely. There are no obvious traces of sweat, humidity gives my skin a moist appearance, and my hair is pulled in a completely messy ponytail and aviator sunglasses. I'm like "strong" Larry David "strong" would say, "prittay ... okay. " A refreshing brush of my Marilyn pink lipstick, some mini hairdressers and I were set up. I went out of the bathroom and saw that there were still people talking to my future boyfriend and director. So I sat in the shade of a house and watched the little girl eat sandwiches and try to feed some sandwiches to her doll. It's much easier when you don't have an interest in romance, I think. When I think of this, I suddenly lose the confidence of excitement, and my mouth feels like full of sawdust. Fuck it. I try to inspire myself. I was going to do it. I told Audrey I was going to do it. She is waiting for me to do it. She's waiting for a phone call or a text message to tell her I did it. Yes, of course I can cringe and lie, but I know I'm better than that shit, so I went to the fountain, took a few puffs, and turned to see my window of opportunity. He is alone. Well, this is the moment of truth. Breathe deeply... Come on. I focused on my feet, too fast, I looked like a monster. Slowly, I look like a monster. " OK, calm down." I said to myself. Then I stood next to him. sorry? "

he looks up Oh, my God, I'm really doing this. " Hi, what's your name? He said with a smile, "Kyle.". Oh, damn, this guy is sexier at close range. Dare I say dazzled? " Hi, I'm Amy." I held out my hand, he took my hand, gave it a little pinch, then looked up at me as I asked,

What are you shooting? "Blah blah blah" is really all I hear from him, because all I can think of is my next question. cool I answered everything he said just now. Then do you have a girlfriend? "It fell out of my mouth. There was a shy look on his face, and he said with a little disappointment, "yes, it's actually me.". Otherwise I want to say that we should go out sometime. Well, it's so cool. You're such a baby. I have to ask you. Wow, thank you. What happened next sounded like a bad move, but at this time, this guy may be lying, he may be unprepared, and I also feel sick, so I reached into my back pocket, took out my number, and said, "just in case, this is my number." He took the number and put it in his pocket. I said goodbye. When I walked away, I didn't feel embarrassed or stupid, but like a million fucking dollars. I just did it! I'm light footed, with a smile on my face, and I feel like I have superpowers. I'm no longer afraid to approach a charming man. Nothing bad happened. Of course, the result is not what I expected, but to fuck, I still got some important things from it, so that the experience is worth it.

15 minutes later, an unknown number text appears on my mobile phone. nice to meet you today, Annie! "

ha ha I know my "already on the shelf" insta crush just sent me a text message, but realized that I didn't write down my name and number. He heard different voices when I introduced myself. " you too! I should write down my name I'm Amy Ha ha. ":: bubble ghost emoticon:: ah, I'm sorry."

it doesn't matter I have forgotten your name. Ha ha... It's not true. " Kyle Just in case. "


“Thx。 In my contacts. " I never heard from Kyle again, but this is a good example of what a little confidence can do. Rejection is not terrible. It's life. If you do it right, you won't feel so bad.



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