Top five Grammy moments 2016


The 58th Grammy Awards ceremony was held last night. Although in my opinion, it lacks many departments, you can't deny the unforgettable and warm moments of music superstars on the stage. I've narrowed down the first five best moments below, so you can indulge in us again! Please refer to the full list of awards here.

5。 Tyler swift and Selena Gomez are dating each other. I'm thrilled by these two people. I like to watch them attend the awards ceremony together, because they always try to create some interesting comments on social media, let people want to know what they are whispering to each other, just do the best for their artists Cheerleaders. I don't mind being with these two friends.

4。 Tori Kelly and James Bay's duet performance


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Tori Kelly and James Bay are the two hottest new stars and future stars in the music industry at present, so please watch their guitars are pure magic on the stage. They keep it simple and organic, and there is no denying their chemical composition. We will be fascinated for a while.

3。 Meghan Trainor won the Best Newcomer Award, and her speech finally filled me with emotion! You deserve it, Megan! We're going to cry now, too.

2。 Lady Gaga pays homage to David Bowie


there is no Gaga without Bowie, so it's easy for Lady Gaga to pay homage to the late, great and David Bowie. The singer paraded on stage in her best Star Costume, mixing some of Bowie's greatest works. Good job.

1。 Taylor Swift won album of the year for 1989? V = xpotqieqt0

I'm right, guys! Taylor Swift won her second album of the year award and delivered one of the most influential speeches ever! The rumor is a direct impact and response to Kanye West's new song fame. He said that he "made swift famous". The little star who "walked out of the forest" said: "P>

" As the first woman to win the album of the year award twice at the Grammy Awards, I would like to say to the young women present that along the way someone has tried to undermine your success or be praised for your achievements or reputation. But if you only focus on your work and don't let those people ignore you, one day when you arrive at your destination, you will look around, you will know that you and the people who love you put you there, it will be the greatest feeling in the world! What's your favorite Grammy moment in 2016?



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