9. Japan- Nissan Skyline GTR

Good ol’ Japan can be give an award for their ability to swiftly develop and adapt to ever-changing times and situations and we can gladly take out hats off for theNational Japanese Law Enforcement for several reasons, however the main one here it to put Japan on the map for being on the list in their upgrade to having one of ten in the best police cars in the world.
We immediately see a lot of scope when it comes to a masculine defining car such as the Nissan skyline which is commonly known for its racing abilities as made famous in “The Fast And Furious” Movie as well. With regards to Japanese Police fancying a turbo charged Skyline as the name suggests makes one feel on air with that amount of jet speed and its really no surprise to the world that The National Police Force of Japan would sport a Nissan GTR to their police car collection as the Nissan Franchise has been born, bred and branded in the country itself which is absolutely no doubt a remarkable thing to admire the Japanese for. Literally driving in their heritage isn’t something most of the world has been allowed to do.