The actresses put extra effort into training their movie characters

Do you think you have the ability to take on the responsibility of being a top actress? How about two and a half hours of boxing, two hours of weightlifting a day, six days a week? Compared with the experience of some actresses in certain roles, it's just an easy job. When you take money to make a movie, reciting lines is not enough. You have to convince the audience that you are suitable for your role. Read on to find out which women pushed it to the limits of the film's characters. Hillary Swank was fired. Palmberger / WireImage

Hilary Swank won an Oscar for her movie "one million babies" and worked harder than most people in the industry to shape her character. Swank's whole life style has undergone a transformation, so that the audience can feel the reality of the film. "My training is two and a half hours of boxing, about six hours a day, about an hour and a half to two hours a day of weightlifting," the actress said "The producer made me add 10 pounds of muscle. I have 19 pounds of muscle. " Can you imagine the shooting process of a Star Wars movie? It's not hard to get into a Jedi state, similar to training as an athlete at a level one college. According to men's fitness, some exercises include "squatting in the air, bow boating, box jumping, TRX exercises and bench pressing (etc.). Not to mention that Daisy Redley had to adapt to lightsabers. Just as cool as it is wielding, Lawrence must protect the area with wisdom and strength. It's not easy to play the anti Utopian heroine, Catness everdin, in the hunger game. Her enthusiasm is not only excellent, but Jennifer Lawrence is also healthy. It takes six weeks of training to get in shape, which most people can't do. Some of the things Lawrence said she had to do were "rock climbing, tree climbing - and fighting, running and jumping.". If you have seen any movie, then you know that these are her valuable wealth to learn. As of August 2019, marvel officially announced that Angelina Jolie would join the universe as thena from eternity. We can't imagine how much preparation there will be, but we already know how hard the actress has worked in past films. In order to make a movie, Julie had to push herself to the limit. "In order to train her to fight, we let her learn the combination of Thai boxing and Maga boxing very early," explains Simon crane, the film's stunt director. In early training, you train about three to four times a week for about two hours each time. "

Emily browning is at the front.

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" according to the conditioning report of Emily browning, Sydney Morning Herald. It's a whole day's work in "fool's fist.". It starts with "4.5 hours of martial arts and unarmed weapon training every morning under the guidance of stunt coordinator Damon Karo, who prepares Snyder's ancient Greek epic 300 and Matt Damon's Bourne movie.". After lunch, the former Navy Seal commando will help brown with weight training, pulling tires, and weight pulling. She had a long way to go to form and many people doubted her, but she came out on top.

Scarlett Johanson is familiar with repetition

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Scarlett Johanson often plays a strong female in her films. Between the black widow of miracle world and a Cyborg killer in ghost in the shell, her training is intense. For the latter, she said it would require "a lot of repetition, then a lot of tactical training, which I've never done before, including room cleaning and everything, using weapons as efficiently as possible." Even the training of the black widow needs to dig deeply into the actress. To save the world, Johnson had to "exercise like a playboy and eat like a rabbit.". If you've seen any movie about Kill Bill, you'll know that UMA Thurman's training isn't a walk in the park. Even with the help of props and stunt doubles, Thurman is well prepared for the role. In an interview, she explained that preparing to Kill Bill meant "three kungfu, two sword techniques, throwing knife, Sabre technique, hand to hand combat, Japanese". This is ridiculous. "Nor can she be late or leave early." Demi Moore needs to experience it.

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1997 seems like a long time ago, but we bet Demi Moore remembers it just like yesterday. That year, when the movie "g.i.jane" was released, Moore played the role of the first female seal commando. Moore didn't want to take any shortcuts, so she started with navy seal training. Ed wanted stuntmen to do obstacle training, but I thought if I missed an opportunity to experience the actual experience of these people in training, I would go away; that's the whole reason for making this movie. "

Gail gado has gained strength

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Gail gado is very suitable for playing DC's magic woman. After appearing in several "fast and furious," she had to step up her training to face the Amazon warrior. She spent nine months alone preparing for the role! "I feel better now. When you feel strong, it changes everything - your posture, the way you walk. I looked at the pictures five years ago and thought, "Wow, I'm too thin," she told glamour.

letia Wright enters the state of

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letia Wright has to go through a lot of work to prepare for the Panther . A private training company, finerfittness, was lucky to get Wright back to health and talked about the regimen Wright followed. "OurTraining includes squatting, walking lunge, hip pushing, strength lifting. "To prepare her for the fight, we did include kicks, punches and combos in pad classes." It's not impossible for Rebecca Ferguson to do this task.

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naturally, when you are outside the film of any impossible task, you can at least expect to receive some expert training. That's what Rebecca Ferguson, who plays a role in the impossible mission: the Wraith pact. The trainer for the film Sam Eastwood talked to lifescript and discussed her participation. "She has to be strong, she has to be able to fight for 10 minutes and try again and again," Eastwood said. "Rebecca has to be as strong as Tom Cruise, but she still has a long, thin, muscular body."

Portman thought that she would die

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Natalie Portman received hard training for "black swan". First of all, she has to spend a year learning the basic skills of ballet in order to complete the film correctly. That means dancing five hours a day. Bowman summed it up best, she said, and for a few nights, I really thought I would die. "It sounds tough, but it still doesn't compare to the work a professional Ballerina has to go through when the film was first made, five hours into 16 hours. After watching the adjustment Bureau, people can't help asking how Emily Bronte became so good at ballet. When she auditioned for the role, she promised the director that she would get it. "I told him, 'I'll work for you. "I never wear ballet shoes on my feet," said Bronte, who kept his promise to work out six days a week and study for two hours at the Cedar Lake Ballet. If you know Maggie Q, you may think she's been playing for a long time. When people think she was born to know how to fight, Nikita and the heroine of Mission Impossible 3 despise her. "I'm half Asian, so people immediately say," Oh, you know kung fu, "just like we do. "We wake up, we do Kung Fu." She elaborated more, saying she was a runner and swimmer when she was a child, but "all these moves are a challenge."

Rodriguez has always been tough to understand and love Michelle Rodriguez's role in the fast and Furious movie. Before that, she had to train hard for 2000 boxing dramas "girl fight" and "I". She has to convince people that she belongs to the gym. Rodriguez said she had undergone such a transformation that she could hardly recognize it. "I look like I'm taking steroids; I look like a playboy," she said in an interview in 2001. Since then, she has become the best choice for Hollywood's demanding roles.

Theron is an old player

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Charlize Theron has been in the game for a long time. She may have to work harder than many other women on the list put together. Who can forget her performance in Mad Max: the road to anger? However, the most work she needs to do in this movie is "the flux.". Choreographed by John wick and directed by David Lecci, Theron has to go all out to train with two cracked teeth. "A tooth and root canal must be cut off. It's hard. It's hard for you to keep fighting at your best, "she said.

a fierce cat

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superstar Annie Hathaway is not new to preparing to play a role. She lost 25 pounds for her role in les miserables. When Christopher Nolan's team got her ready to play the Selina "cat girl" Kyle, she was ready for the C challenge. They gave me a martial arts practice that I had to do all the time to teach me grace, correct posture and fluency She is also almost vegetarian and eats it every two hours. In the film, women work "harder" than men, she said. Lupita thinks it's "fun"

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Lupita NiO has played a wacandan spy in one of the biggest movie activities in the past decade, the Panther. To make sure that every actor and actress is ready to watch the immortal movie, everyone has to take part in what nyong'o calls "fun" extensive training. "I want to jump higher than I think," she said in an interview with the collider. "I have to roll back. I don't think I'll be able to do it again after I'm 8 years old? So it's interesting. " In many skating scenes in Tony Harding's biopic, I, Tony a are combined with CGI and stunt doubles, which doesn't mean Margot Robbie hasn't received much training of her own. Several days of exercise brought tears to her face. "Sarah kawahala is actually choreographing for Nancy Kerrigan, she's training me," Robbie told Wonderland. "My alarm clock will ring at 5:30 in the morning. I want to cry. Sometimes after treatment, I go back to the car and cry. " The role of Zoe Saldana in avatar is well arranged, but this does not mean that Zoe Saldana's hard work does not qualify for the blockbuster avatar. In addition to learning martial arts, archery and how to ride bareback, Saldana even had to learn a fictional language for the movie, which was the real exercise of her brain. She told Latino magazine, "II am very happy in the process of learning the language, trying to find it in my heart, find the tone, pronunciation, everything. "