Katie B is angry with Nicky Minagi again

The feud between Kadi B and Nikki Minagi continues unabated. Earlier this week, Forbes released a list of the top earning hip-hop stars in 2019, and caddy B was not satisfied with his ranking. According to Forbes, Kanye West topped the list with $150 million in revenue, followed by jay z and Drake. Minagi is the highest paid woman on the list, 12th, with a reported income of $29 million in 2019. Caddy is 13th with $28 million. The rapper was not satisfied with the statistics, so he expressed his opinion through social media. "

" where does Forbes get their numbers because they are far away? "On twitter, Katie said there was a well-known rift between Katie and Minagi, including a fight at New York Fashion Week in 2018. She even apparently threw a shoe at Minagi and hit a bag on her head and left the party. We're sure caddy will have a rap about the whole situation