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When royal weddings make international headlines, the whole wedding is often held in the public eye. People are very interested in the modern royal family, they want to consume every detail of the Royal activities: where the wedding is held, who attends, and more importantly, what the bride's dress looks like. The wedding dresses of the queen, Princess and Duchess are one of the main focuses of the royal wedding and often become the design inspiration of the public wedding fashion. Read on to find out why Elizabeth II has ruled Britain and other Commonwealth countries since her accession to the throne in 1952. Before the coronation, she was called Princess Elizabeth. On November 20, 1947, she married Prince Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, at Westminster Abbey. Post war fashion took place at the wedding of Elizabeth and Philip after World War II, so the allocation of resources was fully effective for the United Kingdom. The dress was designed by Norman Hartnell and was given a coupon to get fabric. Hartnell's signature is exquisite embroidery, which she says is "the most beautiful dress he has ever made." Elizabeth made up for the event herself, wearing a white satin skirt and a train decorated with white crystals and floral pearls. On the morning of her wedding, Elizabeth accidentally damaged her headdress. Fortunately, the court jeweler was ready to restore her crown before the wedding. Iranian born actress Soraya escandia bakhtiya is the daughter of Iranian ambassador to West Germany and his German wife EVA Carr. In 1951, she married Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the last king of Iran, and became the queen of Iran. He recently divorced Fawzia, the Egyptian princess, when he married solaya. According to reports, in the Marble Palace of Tehran, 2000 guests attended their wedding ceremony. Although the king asked the guests to donate money for charity in place of wedding gifts, the king and queen of Iran still received many luxurious gifts. The super top silver rami dress of Queen solaya is designed by Christian Dior, decorated with 6000 diamonds, many pearls and 20000 storks. A matching jacket and a full-length white sable Cape complete the look. The legendary combination weighs 44 pounds. Seven years later, Soraya's infertility and barrenness led to a strained marriage, and the couple divorced in 1958. After the divorce, she was still granted the royal title of Iranian princess, and later became an actress and spent her later years in France. In 2013, Swedish Princess Madeleine and British American financier Christopher O'Neill began a fairy tale relationship. Princess Madeleine was engaged once before, but her marriage was soon cancelled, so she fled to New York City to mend her broken heart. Here, she met Chris. After two years of dating, the royal couple said "I do" on June 8, 2013 at the Royal Chapel at Stockholm palace. Princess Madeleine's stunning robe was designed by Valentino, who used silk tulle and ivory Chantilly lace all over her body. There is a 4-meter-long train on this stop dress, and the bride is wearing a 6-meter-long gorgeous veil. American actress Grace Kelly seems to live a fairy tale life. The beautiful American became a superstar in the 1950s with a series of blockbuster films, such as "mogam" and "call m for murder". In 1956, she married Prince Rainier III and became the princess of Monaco. She quit acting and became more popular all over the world. The event, known as the "wedding of the century" by the media, was well prepared, including a comprehensive renovation of the Monaco palace. During her time as Princess of Monaco, Kelly has been committed to charity. The elegant and exquisite wedding dress of Princess of Monaco is designed by Helen Rose, an Oscar winning costume designer who worked for MGM. It is a gift from the studio. This dress needs the work of more than 30 female tailors. It is made of lace 150 years ago and a kind of luxurious silk. Three petticoats float under the dress, making it look like a princess. Kelly's wedding dress is honored as "one of the most elegant and memorable wedding dresses in history", and becomes the inspiration source for the next royal wedding dress.

Kate Middleton made headlines when she dated Prince William, Cambridge, 2003. He was the son of the late Princess Diana and the second heir to the throne after his grandmother, Elizabeth II. At first, their relationship was carefully examined, because Middleton was not from any royal family, more or less "ordinary citizens". However, the public soon took a fancy to Kate. In November 2010, when the couple announced their engagement, they were very excited. On April 29, 2011, William and Kate had a fairy tale wedding at Westminster Abbey. The wedding dress of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, was designed by Sarah burr, who worked closely with Middleton to create a "traditional and modern" dress. The cost of making the dress is said to be $434000. Its brassiere is mainly made of ivory satin and incorporates 19th-century lace patterns, which is her "old thing". The silk Tulle layer under the dress fills the skirt, giving it a unique shape. With reference to the traditional wedding dresses of Grace Kelly and Queen Elizabeth, Middleton's wedding dress has become an icon of the 21st century and has been copied for weddings worldwide. But it is not the case! Middleton's second wedding dress didn't get attention until more than six years after the big day Kate Middleton quietly put on her second wedding dress after the incident at Westminster Abbey, which is slightly less formal but still as elegant as the first one. The dress, the same color as her first, was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen with a sweet neckline, a pleated skirt and a diamond crystal belt. Catherine decorated the dress with a fluffy white cardigan and covered her shoulders properly. The result is a royal and modern lookJust like the new duchess. On October 12, 2018, Princess Eugenie made a brave statement with her backless wedding dress, and the world experienced another luxurious royal wedding. Princess Eugenie, the youngest daughter of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, and Sarah, the Duchess of York, married her longtime sweetheart, Jack Brooksbank, at the St. George's Church in Windsor Castle.

Eugenie's beautiful jacquard dress was designed by the team behind one of her favorite brands, Peter Piloto. Open back is an important reason for the bride's special request. She wants a dress that shows the scars of her scoliosis surgery when she was 12. Earlier this year, she told this morning: "I think you can change the beautiful way, you can show people your scars, and I think it's really special to stand up for it." The second wedding dress of Eugenie has also broken the tradition! Next, look at the second Eugenie dress that breaks the tradition. If you think that Princess Eugenie only wears one dress on the wedding day, you are wrong. The second dress she was wearing was as beautiful as the first. Unlike the tradition, Eugenie jumped over white and chose soft pink designed by Zach Posen. The whole look is full of Hollywood charm. The second dress pays homage to Yorkshire's traditional symbols with hand stitched delicate white roses. Designer Posen posted a close-up of embroidery on his instagram account, titled "dear diary, a fairy tale weekend I will never forget.". #What a touching tribute. The wedding fanaticism of Alexandra de OSMA

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Prince Harry and Megan markel may have covered up the royal couple's wedding, but we did not leave Alexandra de OSMA on our list. In March 2018, OSMA married Prince Christian of Hanover in Lima, Peru. The model turned lawyer wore a beautiful lace dress by Jorge Vazquez, with a high neckline and three-quarters of the sleeves. The veil of OSMA has been hanging behind her, wearing the corolla of Hanover, which was previously worn by Princess Caroline of Hanover at the 2004 party. Next step: About Megan's skirt! The world is watching Megan markel and Prince Harry get married on May 9, 2018. Now the Duchess is wearing a beautiful dress, which immediately inspired people to look for brides everywhere. White Keller is a designer. It took him only five months to design this fantastic dress. This classic and simple silk dress, with three-quarters of the sleeves, is not disappointing. It features an Organza Skirt, an open neckline and a 16 foot train. Keller sews a blue dress that markel wore on his first date with Harry into the dress, making it even more special. Lovely and charming! On July 8, 2017, Prince Ernst Auguste and Catherine malicheva said "I will" at a gorgeous ceremony held in Hanover, Germany. Malysheva is a Russian designer, so it's no surprise that she put on a beautiful dress for her wedding - three dresses, to be exact. In her big day, malysheva turned to designer Sandra Mansour, who customized three dresses for the royal family, including one for the public ceremony and two for the subsequent extravagant celebration. For her bridal look, she wants to wear some traditional clothes with Russian influence. The final product is hand embroidered, covered with Chantilly lace and pearls. It took four months!

Diana, Princess of Wales, was born in "the noble Diana Spencer" and is a member of the British aristocratic family. She became Lady Diana Spencer after her father became the count of Spencer in their family. Diana and Prince Charles were engaged when they were teachers in kindergarten. Their wedding, which was broadcast live on global television, earned her the titles of Princess of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess of rosssey, Countess Chester and Baroness Renfrew. The wedding on July 29, 1981 attracted 750 million TV viewers, and fans all over the world are celebrating the event. Diana and Charles have two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. A dress that will be recorded in history is known as one of the most famous dresses in the world. Ivory silk taffeta and Antique Lace robes were designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, who wanted to create something she would love and "dramatize appropriately to impress." Their vision of the dress has certainly become a reality through a 25 foot long train, hand embroidery, sequins and 10000 pearls. Considered the "gold standard" of wedding fashion at that time, the dress was inspired by puffy sleeves, full skirts and soft fabrics after its debut at the wedding in 1981. Princess hajjafzah sulruhr bolkia is said to be one of the richest people in the world. Her mother is queen Raja IstRi pengilan Anak haja saliha. Their family has ruled the Sultanate for more than 600 years. Hafiza was a former official in the Ministry of finance, and her marriage to a civil servant of the prime minister led to a grand wedding in front of the palace of Brunei. Since 2007, Princess hafiza has been the first of Sudan's 12 children to get married. It's a rich day, and weddings and accompanying celebrations are the right choice for Sudanese daughters. officerFang's ceremony was held in Sudan's 1700 room palace, attended by 3000 guests. Princess hafiza's wedding dress is beige and silver in base and a large number of inlaid crystal beads. The bridegroom wore a suit of beige and gold. Their wedding style is a tradition of Brunei culture. Hafeza's accessories include a crown inlaid with jewels and a complicated lace headdress, covering her hair. This is a cultural characteristic in line with Muslim belief. During the week's celebration, she wore many luxurious clothes. Born in London, Marie Chantal Miller was raised in Hong Kong by an American born British father and an Ecuadorian mother. Later she went to school in Switzerland and then studied art history at New York University, where she did a short job for Andy Warhol. He proposed to her on a holiday in Switzerland in 1994, and she dropped out of art school to stay with him. Six months after the proposal, Pavlos and Mary Chantal held a Greek Orthodox wedding at St. Sophia's Cathedral in London. After the marriage of the Greek princess, Mary Chantal won the title of Pavlos. The Royal Wedding attracted a lot of attention. Although more than 450 people attended the cathedral wedding, another 850 guests (including the Queen's mother) watched the wedding via satellite at Hampton Court Palace. The wedding dress was designed by Valentino galavani, made of ivory Inlaid with pearls and a nearly 15 foot Chantilly flower By train. It reportedly took 25 people to finish the dress in a few months and used 12 different lace. She has worked at Citibank and Apple Inc. In 1992, she met Prince Abdullah bin al Hussein at a dinner party. In an interview with people later, Hussein said: "as soon as Rania comes in, I know," Abdullah told people in 2005. "It was love at first sight." In 1992, Yassin married and became a princess of Jordan. After her father died in 1999, Prince Abdullah ascended the throne, making Rania the new queen of Jordan. When Rania was about to become a princess, she invited British designer Bruce alderfield to design her entire wedding look. Because it is a traditional Muslim ritual, the dress is modest and beautiful. She was veiled at the ceremony. Lania's dress is embellished with gold details, short sleeves and decorated lapels, reminiscent of a power suit. It's a good look, especially for her powerful and influential woman.

she is currently an enthusiastic user of various social media platforms, respected for her advocacy in education, health, youth, and empowering the community in Jordanian society. Princess Claire of Luxembourg was born in a wealthy German family. Her father is very successful in the software industry. Lademacher first worked in public after her bachelor's degree, and later received her master's degree in bioethics, where she is currently pursuing her doctorate. Lademacher also received the civil and military medals of Adolphe of Nassau, which were awarded to those who performed bravery or merit. At the beginning of the 21st century, she met Prince Felix at a boarding school in Switzerland. In 2012, Clare Radmacher and Prince Felix officially announced their engagement. In 2013, they got married in Germany. She married Prince Felix and became a princess of Luxembourg. Prince Felix was the second in line to become the grand duke. Princess Claire's Elie Saab wedding dress features a nearly 10 foot long skirt that stretches from an ivory silk corset. There are complex flower patterns embroidered on Chantilly lace, and crystal and pearl are also embellished on the wedding dress. In order to complete this shape, Princess Claire put on a flower shaped diamond crown from the Grand Duchy family, and the other four brides also formally put on the crown. Princess Caroline was born in the royal family of Monaco. Princess Caroline is the eldest daughter of Prince Rainier III, and Princess Grace Kelly is the actress. She is believed to be the heir to the throne of Monaco, until her brother Prince Albert was born more than a year ago. In 1999, Caroline finally married Prince Ernst Auguste of her third husband, Hanover, and she remained a princess. In all her weddings, she had an elegant look, but the most memorable one was the dress she wore when she first married Philippe Junot, a Paris banker. In 1987, when Caroline first attended the wedding, she wore a simple white dress with flower decorations. The dress was a Christian Dior haute couture by Marc Bohan, then a house designer. The dress, with its high neckline and bishops' sleeves, looked really fashionable at that time. Instead of a crown or crown (probably because she was not married to a royal family), Caroline wore a ring of flowers and a veil. There are rumors that before the wedding, details of her dress were leaked to the public, and Bohan had to change the design. Letizia of Spain was born into a middle-class family. Her father is a journalist, and her mother is a registered nurse. Letizia remained a "commoner" until 2004, when she married Prince Felipe VI of Asturias and became the princess of Asturias. She and her husband perform Royal duties together. They travel around the world on behalf of the king. Ten years later, after his father abdicated, Felipe VI became king of Spain. This made Leticia queen of Spain. This is the second marriage of Letizia, who divorced in 1999. The dress of a princess born queen was designed by popular Spanish designer Manuel petgaz, who designed a luxurious long sleeved floor gown with unique high collar. This exquisite silk dress is embroidered with the shape of fryer DelEs, which symbolizes the prince of AsturiasWith gold and silver embroidery, fryer Delles embroidery extends all the way to the end of the 15 foot long train. Letizia is wearing a diamond crown of Queen Sophia on this gorgeous dress. She also brought an antique fan that used to belong to Princess Isabel. There is no blue in the Queen's face, but she has "old, new" and "borrowed" parts.

Charlene wittstock

Charlene wittstock is another example of civilians becoming royalty. Before marrying the royal family of Monaco, wittstock was an Olympic swimmer in South Africa. In 2011, she held a civil ceremony in the king's womb with Prince Rainier III and Prince Albert II, the son of Grace Kelly. At the civil ceremony, Charlene put on a low-key but adorable sky blue underpants. The dress features flowing Chiffon pants, which she matches with matching blue shoes. The sleeves and trouser legs of this suit are decorated with elegant blue lace. Xia Lin wears natural make-up and low-key jewelry to complete this look. On the second day of their wedding ceremony, the prince and the princess held a religious ceremony. Charlene put on a smooth but amazing white Armani number for them. According to reports, it took 2500 hours to work on the dress to produce embroidery, skirts and trains made of 80 meter long silk Organza embroidered on the front. It took 700 hours to embroider alone, including 40000 Swarovski crystals, 20000 mother of Pearl and 30 pearls. Thousands of gold stones were combined with platinum coated silk threads to form a flower pattern. In 2014, the prince and the princess had twins, one male and one female. Princess Margaret was born to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. She is the only brother and sister of Queen Elizabeth II. Princess Margaret is a socialite and has always been the focus of the party. When asked if she would mind her little sister getting so much attention, Queen Elizabeth replied, "Oh, it's much easier to laugh at what Margaret said when she was there." In 1960, Margaret held her first royal wedding with photographer Anthony Armstrong Jones at Westminster Abbey, and it was broadcast on TV. It was reported that there were 300 million people around the world. Although many people disapprove of her marrying a photographer, Margaret regained her royal status in 1961 after her husband became Earl of Snowdon, who was awarded by Elizabeth. Margaret enlisted designers from her sister Norman Hartnell for her dress. The dress made of silk Organza is made of nearly 100 feet of cloth. As we all know, Marguerite is a petite woman, so Hartnell designed the work with as little decoration as possible to avoid crushing her figure. Margaret wore a famous headdress, called portimore headdress, which dates back to 1870. Crown and her hairstyle helped her increase her height for the day. Margaret's wedding dress is currently displayed in a series of royal wedding dresses in Kensington Palace, which should belong to the British royal collection. Wallis Simpson is an American socialite in the early 20th century. She had been married and divorced twice before she married King Edward VIII, which was controversial because Simpson's first two spouses were still alive. But because King Edward VIII and Simpson fell in love, he gave up the throne and married her. Later, his brother named him Duke of Windsor, and he succeeded King George VI to the throne. The marriage gave Simpson a new title, Duchess of Windsor. They had a close wedding on June 3, 1937. Compared with all the wedding dresses seen so far, the wedding dress of Duchess of Windsor can be regarded as unconventional. This fashionable dress was created by main Bocher, an American fashion brand founded by main Rousseau Bocher. Instead of choosing the traditional white or ivory color that is often considered a wedding dress, Simpson opted for a blue color called Wallis blue, which reportedly matches her eyes. She was wearing a skirt, a matching blue straw hat and a pair of blue gloves. As time described, "she's wearing a dress that most U.S. Department stores will soon launch: soft blue crepe, a tight button top, a light ring hat in the same color, shoes and gloves to match.". There is a huge diamond and sapphire brooch in her throat. She also wrote and published a collection of fairy tales for the children. Time magazine named her Cinderella in 1960 because of her civilian status before her engagement to bourdouin. Although the magazine admits that she is "a charming young woman", it also claims that she is "beautiful without rave". Instead, Baudouin admitted in his diary that he felt Fabiola was a gift from God. On December 15, 1960, the couple married at St. Michel's Cathedral and St. gudura's Cathedral in Belgium. Belgium's Queen, Donia Fabiola, invited Spanish designer Cristobal Valencia to make her wedding dress. Balenciaga is considered a master designer. The Balencia is the founder of this still popular fashion house of the same name. From Coco Chanel to Christian Dior, he was praised by his contemporaries. The dress of Fabiola is made of satin and mink. Neckline, skirt and nearly 22 foot long train are all decorated with mink, which is the only one embellished on the original simple satin skirt. Fabiola wore white silk gloves and a 1926 decorative art headdress as a gift to her mother-in-law, Astrid, Sweden. Camilla of Cornwall, the Duchess of Cornwall, became the second wife of Prince Charles of Wales, who is the next heir to the throne after Queen Elizabeth II in 2005. Her marriage gave her the title of Duchess of Cornwall, which she preferred since her husband was appointed Princess of Wales for the second time after the Duke of Cornwall. If her husband ascends the throne, she will be called publicThe main spouse. Camilla and Charles started dating while they were still married. She married Andrew Parker Bowles, a British army officer, and the prince's marriage to Diana, Princess of Wales, was also famous. The marriage of Camilla and Prince Charles has always been questioned because of the scandals and controversies surrounding their relationship history. However, in 2005, Camilla overcame all the opposition they faced and formally established their relationship at a folk ceremony held in Windsor city hall. For the event, Camilla wore an amazing cream gold floor chiffon gown designed by Robinson Valentine in London. She wore a lovely blue and gold coat on the dress as a blessing for the wedding. Camilla highlights the look with a feather headdress in Swarovski Crystal by Irish designer Philip Treacy. Princess hayu of Yogyakarta is the fourth child of Sultan hamengkubuwana X of Indonesia. In 2013, she had a 10-year relationship with Prince nonotegoro, a professional working at the United Nations in New York. Due to the long engagement and the fact that hayu was the last child to get married in Sudan, the wedding attracted public attention and was a major cultural event for the people of Yogyakarta. The bride and groom's mother are long-term friends, which means that the prince and princess have known each other since childhood. This fact has also increased public interest.

Indonesian royal family

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the luxurious wedding conforms to the tradition of Java culture, and promotes the bride, groom and all participants to wear the traditional Java wedding style. The bride's and groom's faces were painted with three in one headdress and jewels. The colorful traditional costumes also prompted the groom to attend his wedding naked, and both of them were decorated in vibrant and noble gold parcels. The attendants hold the bright peacock feathers, which makes the festival more festive. The celebration lasted three days, attended by thousands of benefactors, followed by a joyful public March. Kendra spears, born in Seattle, was a successful fashion model in New York City when he met and engaged Prince Rahim agahan. Spears has worked as a model for Hermes, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Prada and other designers, and has appeared on the covers of dozens of high-end fashion magazines. Prince Rahim agahan is the eldest son of Prince Shah Karim Hosseini, agahan IV. Agakhan IV is the current Imam of nizari Ismailism. Spears and the prince married in 2013 at Bellerive winery in Geneva, Switzerland. The private wedding was attended only by family and friends. Since Princess Salva agahan married, Kendra has been known as Princess Salva agahan. At her wedding, she wore the traditional Sari of Indian Fashion Designer manak ganwani. Gondwani is the biggest star of the famous designer Bollywood. The ivory jacquard silk robe is decorated with delicate but beautiful gold. In order not to overwhelm the elegance and grace of the robe, the princess wore a set of simple jewelry earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Her natural beauty shone in a gorgeous and low-key wedding dress. In 2017, the couple announced the birth of their second child. Jetsun PEMA, with a degree in international relations, married King Jigme kesar nanjil Wangchuck of Bhutan. When the king publicly announced his engagement, he introduced the bride to be married in this way: "for the queen, the most important thing is that as an individual, she must be a good person, as a queen, she must unswervingly serve the people and the country. As my queen, I found such a person, her name is Jason perma. When she was young, she was warm and kind in heart and character. " Jetson PEMA, Queen of Bhutan, was 21 when she married the king at a royal wedding in Punakha Dzong, Bhutan's second largest building. In traditional Bhutanese fashion, PEMA wears Kira, the national dress of Bhutanese women.

made of raw silk, it may take several months for the Kira of PEMA, because it is well-designed, colorful, red, yellow, green and white, all symbols of astrology. Now known as Queen Jason perma, she often accompanies her husband on international trips and is popular for working with children with special needs and advocating for environmental issues. In 1999, Salma Bennani, now Princess Lala Salma, met with King Mohammed VI of Morocco. Two years later, the couple got married, first with a private wedding in March, and then with days of celebration in July. Her marriage made her a Moroccan princess, a role she used to participate in a variety of careers. In addition to supporting various cancer associations and HIV / AIDS prevention, she has also set up her own cancer prevention association in Morocco and represented her husband and country at national conferences. The princess has an engineering degree, which shows that she is smart in addition to beauty and charity. When King Mohammed VI publicly announced his engagement to Princess Lala Salma, she changed her tradition. In the past, the king's bride did not appear at all, because the wife had no public role to play, and the former king was polygamous. However, King Mohammed VI vowed not to marry more wives, and even promoted the women's rights of the country. In the photo of their private wedding celebration, you can see that Princess Salma is wearing a traditional Ivory Moroccan dress with gold decoration. Sometimes, she wears a thick veil, in line with Muslim tradition, but in the era of diamond headdress, she is not. Pippa Middleton is a writer, columnist and socialite. But her most famous role is the sister of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge. Pipa, the daughter of a pilot and stewardess, became a media focus after she became the bridesmaid at sister Kate's day in 2011. She and James Matthews announced their engagement in July 2016. MathewsIt's the son of David Matthews, who is Glenn Affleck's lair. When James Matthews takes on the title of father, Pippa will be called Mrs. Glenn averick. She is keen on charity. It's the most famous little sister in the world. She must have a wedding to prove it! When Pippa Middleton married James Matthews in 2017, the incident almost caught people's attention, because the wedding of the Duchess of Cambridge had been held six years ago. There's a good reason, too, because Pipa's skirt is amazing. Designed by Giles deacon, the ivory long lace dress features a high neckline, cap sleeves, heart-shaped keyhole back, seamless hand Decal look and Pearl details. Layered tulle and organza petticoats perfectly fill the final look