Five reasons for the prevalence of Valentine's day as a child

Grow up, Valentine's Day is so fixed! It's another festival where sugar is wasted on all the sweets in the world and the coolest cards are distributed with our favorite celebrities and cartoon characters. What don't you like? As the test of growing old and being single on Valentine's day gets more and more disapproval, let's review why Valentine's Day is the best childhood time, and nostalgia for those wonderful past. There is no pressure behind this. To be honest: sometimes we feel obliged to defecate on Valentine's day, because greeting card companies make people feel it is mandatory. Children don't have to worry about that. Unfortunately, we don't appreciate its continuity. Distribution of Boxed Cards is the best! From Britney Spears to nsync to Pokemon and Lisa frank, Boxed Cards are the best thing ever! Besides, you know you always leave the best for your friends! It's normal to be single. If you have a boyfriend / girlfriend, you may have lice. For realz,

. There is nothing better than making a heart-shaped Valentine's day out of pink and red construction paper. Picture P> may be the bane of my life today. No, I'm sorry.

between candy and baked goods, Valentine's Day sugar fever is everything! Please eat more chocolate!