Ten things better than a boyfriend

This is the time of the year Valentine's Day is around the corner. In addition, AF is very cold, you absolutely don't want to go out every weekend to find men. I bet you want you to fall in love with a handsome man who plays the trumpet. Of course, it sounds like heaven, but having a man in your life is not necessarily everything. In fact, there's a lot of the same drugs as a criminal partner. No kidding! We swear. Here are 10 things better than a boyfriend:

see your favorite band at a concert. Front row, obvi. The first thing in the morning is to have an amazing coffee. It is like a starfish sleeping in a comfortable big bed.

puppy. Many puppies fall asleep on your lap and kiss your nose. It's really great. It's of high quality. It melts sushi in your mouth. A large glass of wine. Or a cocktail. Bought by a tall, handsome stranger. Find your dream boots / clothes / jeans and shit on sale. A perfect girl's night is full of love. Every moment is a blessing of women's power. Whenever I meet Ryan Gosling, I will go anywhere Deli. Or beds, bathtubs, even further. He totally likes your atmosphere.

look at your beautiful face in the mirror and know for sure You're an asshole bitch. You rule the world, you do well. You're basically Olivia Pope.