10 reasons why we're back on fire

ed Sheeran back, you will! Just 59 weeks ago, he really left the universe. He's not on social media, he's not on the red carpet, he's not doing anything he wants. To be honest, we respect him more. He gave up an amazing record, did all the interviews, all the chat shows, all the international tours. Our children should have a rest. Now, he's brought a whole new version. So far, it's drugs. You know, in such a chaotic 2017, at least we have the budding period to look forward to, and his new album "divide" will be released on March 3. Here are 10 reasons to be excited: we are eager for new music. Orville. I mean, ed did break every record of spotify, and he dropped "your shape" and "castle on the mountain.".

Music Video! He has crushed them back to back. He is showing off his tattoo! And there are a lot of people. He knows how to attract everyone in an interview. We almost forget how lovely ginger is. Almost. His accent is

. It seems that his singing is not enough. His live performance. They're not real. They come to the city near you. A duet opportunity of

. When Ed honks, you know he'll get along with a cool guy.

ed's cold attitude. He is as rich and successful as they are, but he still tries to be a common man. It's great for his fans.