Kendall Jenner is your secret twin

Kendall Jenner is a top model, businesswoman and reality star. It's no secret that we have seen her change from a clumsy young man to an "it" girl in the industry. We are all fascinated by her style. It takes confidence and taste. Now it's time to develop a fashion, like Kendall's, but if you look at the list below, you may find that you are actually a pair of secret twins! You are not afraid of fashion risks. In fact, you hug them. It's common for you to change clothes several times a day.

3。 You'll never have a great bag.

4。 Haute couture and cheap goods are easy to mix and still look perfect.

5。 You don't go with the flow. You set it up.

6。 Sometimes it's all about running around in comfortable clothes.

7。 You have as many sunglasses as shoes. <

8。 When it comes to shoes, you have a closet for your feet.

9。 When you hate everything in your closet, you still attack your mother's closet.

10。 When in doubt, monochrome clothing is the answer