Your 10 signs on the red carpet

The Golden Globes have passed and the season has officially begun. This means that we will soon see red carpet appear every other day, and countless gorgeous fashions will be rejected. Modeling, glamour and excitement are a bit like jelly, but for some people, standing in the spotlight, letting countless photographers take photos of your cup and accept the interviews of many media will be a dream come true. Do you think you are suitable for celebrity life? Look at these 10 signs. You're ready for the red carpet!

1。 You are very outgoing.

2。 When the camera comes out, you are the first to stand in front of it.

3。 All your postures are perfect.

4。 When you leave home, you always have your camera ready.

5。 High heels are your first choice.

6。 You can practice answering reporters' questions in the mirror.

7。 One of your favorite things is to see pictures of famous people on the red carpet.

8。 You like to try on a beautiful dress in the mall Just look at them.

9。 You already think you're almost famous.

10。 You have a mental list of all the celebrities you want to pose for.