Six signatures is time to give up the one who doesn't deserve you

When a person with your own ideas is desperate for your emotions, it's time to think about why you always let your heart beat. Although it's easier said than done, you need to be confident that someone wants to know where you are more than you! So, if your mind and heart are in a serious tug of war, here are some tips, it's time to say, "goodbye boy! "For the son of a bitch you've been wasting your time, find your real prince charming.". Your admiration for his "cool dgaf" attitude extends to you. He may look cool because he won't let a lot of things affect him. News flash, if his actions hurt your feelings, then you can be sure that you don't have much influence on him, which makes your priority on his list very low. You catch him with a lie. Listen, he lied for a reason. He lied because he knew he would lose you if you knew the truth. If he conceals the truth, it must be bad. If it is so bad, now is the time to start blocking him on all social media.

3。 He can call you back at a convenient time. It could be hours, days, weeks You will understand. Of course, when you receive his letter, it is full of "I miss you! "And," XOXO! "It's hard to ignore. However, giving him a day, when he has spent a long time answering a simple question, is not even worth answering in an emotional way. He makes you believe that your "unconventional relationship" is late at night, hooking up, never having a real date, cooler and more interesting than the so-called "normal". In the real world, we call it "unconventional relationship" a stolen goods phone. He's rotten. You deserve more. He can't blame himself for being bad to you. Basically, he can't apologize for anything unless you ask him to apologize You must ask him for an apology because he thinks he is not good to you. EW is f * ck.

6. When you try to break the deadlock, he suddenly can't leave you. You have always been his personal cheerleader, egotist and admirer. God knows how long it has been. Who wants to lose this attention?! Ignore all his requests and promises You've given what he didn't want to give, what he deserves