Billy Potter will play Cinderella 8217;


It's time to officially get excited about the upcoming Sony musical Cinderella. Hollywood Reporter reported that idol Billy Potter is negotiating to join the film, and we can't see anyone else in this role.

Advertisements The posing actor is talking to someone other than the fairy godmother. Details of the film are being kept secret, but Kay cannon, the writer and director, is believed to be planning a contemporary interpretation of the classic fairy tale. Singer Camilla Cabello will also play in the film, and reportedly will be heavily involved in the film's music production. It will be produced by late show hosts James Colden and Leo Perlman. The film was developed by Corden from its original idea, and Sony is preparing to quickly track its production process. Disney's 1950 classic animation is still one of the most famous adaptations of fairy tales. In 2015, the movie starring Lily James was also adapted into a real-life version, with a global box office revenue of 554 million US dollars. It will be interesting to see how this film can make itself stand out from other films.


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