How to deal with holiday break up

We've all experienced the heartache of breaking up with someone, but when it happens on a holiday, it only feels a little deeper. You may have packed it, you're ready, just open it in January and come back. Mistletoe will no longer be used, and the new year will begin with a very dark mood. There's nothing better to say, but here's a crib that says how to deal with a broken heart at the happiest time of the year.

1。 Enjoy the food you want. It's true that Give yourself the next few weeks to eat with dgaf attitude. This is also the time you will allow yourself to mourn the loss. Come on January 1, get rid of the dark clouds and the poor food Put yourself first!

2。 Watch as many rom-com movies as you can that make you feel good on holiday until your eyes fall out. They will not only distract you, but also make you feel all the feelings.

3。 Look at your celebrity album. It will suddenly make your ex look bad.

4。 If you're big enough, try dating sites!

even if you don't meet anyone in person, you can improve your self-esteem and self-confidence through matches and relaxed and frivolous conversations.

5。 Write down what you like to do or are afraid to do, and then do it! You will feel super independent and cool. Take a break from social media. Don't pry into your ex, or publish any information about yourself, which will make you blind to things that may make you feel worse, and will give you a mysterious feeling

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