Eight tour groups will check out this autumn and winter

At this time of the year, the weather is getting colder and colder. There is nothing better than using live music to avoid the cold! This autumn and winter, some outstanding rising stars are performing some first-class programs. It's basically a crime to miss them! Some have already begun, but don't worry! We are very sure that they will be back in your woods soon! This is the 8 travel items you need to check out this autumn and winter:

Lanny – this is a similar travel item

I recently had the opportunity to check out when they stayed in New York last week, believe me, when I said, this is not a thing to miss!

opening battle: transparent

here are the dates and tickets.

bad sun - disappear here travel

bad sun is always a good live broadcast, toss coins there, you will get double fun!

opening battle: coin investment

dates and tickets are here. This may be the coldest show you'll be in this season. I'll see their premiere in New York!

opening battle: the date and ticket of the horse thief

here. In our bones world tour, air traffic control has never let people down. After a twisted trip this summer, I believe there must be some surprises in their sleeves! Opening remarks: cruiser , Beach Weather

dates and tickets here. If you want to listen to the songs in the band's new album simple form, it's a brain free process. In addition, xyl is first-class! Opening remarks: xyl Ø

dates and tickets here.


flor - it feels like a tour at home

this is a fairly short tour of the west coast, but I hope they can all come back soon! Opening remarks: lostboycrow

dates and tickets here. If you can buy tickets in this field, I envy you!

opening battle: Jon bell

date and ticket here.

Daya is one of the hottest new performances this year, and we are sure that it will be an immortal tour.

opening battle: TBA

dates and tickets here.

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