Scientist Discovers Strange Object In Iceberg, Shocked When He Realises What It Is



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God knows how long this creature had been frozen in ice before it was found by amateur explorer and scientist Mark. He knew that this could be the discovery of a lifetime and could not wait to get it freed from it’s icy prison. But when Mark finally gets through the frozen wall and sees what it is that he is dealing with, he is stunned by the true magnitude of his find. This could change everything...

Mark had to let the world know about his incredible discovery...

A shape behind the ice

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Mark puts his hand on the ice wall. “I have come back for you. I told you I would”. It almost sounds like he is in love. Behind the ice, he can see a giant, almost human-like figure. But you can barely make out anything more than its shape. But that had been enough for Mark.

Getting through the ice

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He had brought people with him from the nearest village to help him get behind the ice wall and help him come face to face with what could be his greatest discovery. The crew starts to carefully chip away at the ice until they finally get close enough to get an idea of what they are dealing with…

Shocked by the discovery

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The workers all take a step back from the shock. Some even start to make their way back to the entrance of the Ice cave. Mark just drops to his knees. “How was this possible…?”

But what did Mark discover in the ice wall? How had he even found this ice cave in the first place and could this possibly be a discovery that the world would be better off without?

Global Warming

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With century-old ice melting at an alarming rate over the past couple of decades, more and more secrets that were once hidden beneath it are becoming accessible, potentially revealing incredible things to be discovered. Or things that should better be left untouched...

Mark’s Mission

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Explorers from all over the world are ready to pounce on these opportunities, trying to forever cement their name in the history books. Most of these explorers fail dramatically in their effort, but Mark, a 36-year-old scientist, is not most explorers and his most recent mission proved that...

The discovery of a lifetime

His journey will take him to northern Greenland. Land that was previously completely inaccessible and thus still very much unexplored. But with the effects of climate change, this has recently changed and Mark is determined to use this opportunity. And use it he did when he made the discovery of a lifetime there...

Frozen in time
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Mark sets out on his journey, trying to find something frozen in time beneath the ice layer which is getting thinner and thinner. He is equipped with the bare minimum to survive on this journey and thus the first couple of weeks are tough to endure. But he knows that it will all be worth it in the end...

The Bare Minimum

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The first few weeks are tough. With only enough to survive and no comforts from home, Mark is determined to find something to make the trip worth it. He’s been hiking for miles now. Any civilization is at least two days away, but then he stumbles across something that may just be what he’s looking for.

Weeks Go By

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As the days turn into weeks, Mark gets discouraged. His supplies are running out, and he’s questioning his every move. With a final burst of courage and determination, he continues to hike out. Searching for anything, a strange shadow, maybe a weird rock, or even a crack in the ice, he continues to look, almost desperate. It’s then that he spots it.

A Strange Rock

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On the wide ice-covered plain, he spots it. It’s a rock formation of some kind, or so it seems. It’s something at least. He heads toward it. This is it. His last hope. He’s tired. He’s running out of supplies. This is it before he has to head back to civilization. Could this really be something?

Something Unusual

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Once he gets close, he determines that it is a rock formation, but there’s something else. There’s a breeze coming from small holes between the rocks. That’s unusual and it is definitely worth exploring. Could it be a cave? Or a tunnel of some kind? There’s only one way to find out.

A Heavy Rock

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Overwhelmed with excitement, Mark does his best to move the rock out of the way. It takes some time, but he manages it. There is most definitely a hole behind the rock, but where does it lead? And what could he find? But most importantly, should he even go in there, or wait and come back with others?

No Contact

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Mark is a seasoned explorer, but he knows the dangers going alone would mean. Especially since no one knows exactly where he is or what he’s doing. There hasn’t been phone service in two days and there’s certainly been no internet. It would be wildly irresponsible to go in now.

Should He Go Back?

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Thinking rationally, Mark knows he should go back to the nearest village. It’s a two-day hike at least. He’d probably get cell service back and internet as he got closer. Maybe he could call someone to help him and come back. But then again, would he be able to find this hole again? It’s then that he makes his decision.

Down the Hole

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With curiosity getting the best of him, Mark decides to take a short look into the hole. He won’t go too far. And he’ll certainly be careful. After all, he’s a seasoned explorer. He should be okay. The hole slopes downward, and taking caution, he carries onward. But he wasn’t prepared for what he found.

A Tunnel Now

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The hole quickly turns into a tunnel. It’s narrow and difficult to walk through. He has to be careful with every step he takes. Mark is afraid that rocks could come loose and collapse on top of him, but as he goes deeper down this seems less likely. After all, everything is frozen together. But things are about to get easier.

Far From the Entrance

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The further down he goes, the wider the tunnel gets. It’s dark and cold. Mark doesn’t realize just how far down he’s gone. Curiosity has gotten the best of him. Looking back, the entrance seems so small. A little light in a lot of darkness. As the tunnel gets wider it suddenly turns into a giant cave.

A Cave

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Mark is so excited. He could be the first person to ever see this cave. Making his way through it, he finds that the cave is bigger than he thought. He knows he should leave and come back but this needs to be explored. Walking around for hours, there’s nothing but ice and rock. But his luck is about to change.


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Trying to keep track of where the entrance is, Mark continues to walk around. It’s dangerous to be doing this alone. He knows this in his mind, but his heart longs to continue and so he does. After all, nothing comes without some risk. So he continues on, and his dedication is about to pay off and big.

Something Different

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It’s only then that Mark spots an ice wall that is different from the rest. Because of the layers of ice around him, they seemed very blue and white. But this ice wall is different. There’s some form of dark silhouette behind it. It can’t be just another rock. This was felt strange and he had to find out what it was.

A Silhouette

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Walking closer to the ice wall, he shines a light on it. There is definitely something here, but what? He shines the light over the dark silhouette, trying to make out anything that could give him a clue as to just what this is. But there’s no luck. He’s going to have to try something else. Luckily he has just the thing or so he thinks.

No Luck

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Going through what little supplies he has, Mark finds his small pickaxe and begins to chip away at the ice. Unfortunately, it’s pretty solid. It’s a long time before he even thinks about giving up, but given how little progress he’s made it’s just not worth it. He’ll probably freeze to death before finding anything.

Time to Be Smart

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He’s been stubborn all day. It’s true that he’s made some questionable decisions. After all, he’s deep in a cave under the surface all by himself and no one even knows he’s here. It’s about as dangerous as it can get. It’s time to go back and get help. He can’t make this discovery alone. It’s time to be sensible and call it a day.

A Map

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Before leaving, he pulls out a piece of paper and begins to map out the cave as best he can. He wants to be sure he can find this place again. It’s only once he has this done that he makes his way back to the entrance of the cave. He was definitely leaving, but only for now. There was something here and he had to know what it was.

Making Camp

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It was fairly easy to find his way back to the tunnel. Going uphill was another battle, but Mark makes it. By the time he gets out and back to the surface, it’s dark. He needs to set up his camp soon or he’ll freeze. While he gets to work with that, he makes his plan for tomorrow. He’s got some work to do.


A Plan

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With his plan in mind, he gets ready to sleep. He’s going to head back to the nearest village. It’s a two-day hike. From there, he’s going to recruit a group of people to help him get through the ice wall. He could tell his peers, but they’d stick their noses into it. Maybe even try to take credit. He wants to do this discovery by himself.

Journey back

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The journey back to the village was long and difficult. The cold wind had picked up and snow had started to fill the air. Mark was in serious danger of hypothermia, but he didn’t care. He was more concerned with remembering how he could find his way back to the cave. Everything else did not matter anymore at this point.

A Restless Night

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All throughout the night, Mark dreams of the dark silhouette. What could it be? A new species? Something made by humans a long time ago? Chuckling to himself he even considers the idea of bigfoot, but that’s absurd. He barely gets any sleep, but come morning Mark is ready to take off at the first rays of sunlight.

Digital map

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He had noted his exact location on a digital map he had downloaded but this was very inaccurate as the map was way too zoomed out. And he had been paranoid about putting something like a flag next to the cave just because somebody else may find it. It was his discovery to make, and no one else's!


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So he was doing his very best to remember the exact location while journeying back. He had picked out certain landmarks that helped him pinpoint the exact location of the cave again. He was determined to find his way back to the cave, whatever it takes. Nobody would stop him, this could be life changing. Mark already pictured himself famous.

Gathering a group

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In the town, Mark is quickly able to round up some guys that are willing to help him out for money. He doesn’t tell them much about what he thinks that he found and just keeps it at needing some help digging out something from the ice. People in this area are willing to do anything for money. Will twisting the real truth catch up to him?

Gathering equipment

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Luckily the townspeople are not interested in asking a lot of questions and are just interested in making a quick buck. They used the rest of the day to prepare for the journey back. They made sure they had the necessary equipment for the job. Mark got very excited about the quick respons of the locals. He will soon claim his discovery.


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They get supplies, tools, and snowscooters that are capable of traversing the terrain. Between this and paying the helpers, Mark sees his bank account drain very fast but he is willing to spend every penny he has and even goes into debt if necessary as long as he can make this discovery. Will it be worth it in the end?

Place in history

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He just feels like this will cement his place in history forever. He always wanted to be famous for something he would discover, deep down he knew this was his moment of fame. The next day they attempt to travel back to find the exact location but this is a lot more difficult than Mark had hoped. Could they even find the cave again?

Ready for the journey back


Luckily, they can easily find back the area in which the cave is located because Mark noted it on the map. But because there has been a snowstorm raging for the past 24 hours at least, a lot of the area has been covered in snow. The entrance was nowhere to be found. Mark got a bit desperate, how could this happen...

Covered in snow

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The landmarks that Mark had tried to remember are mostly covered and this makes the search for the cave a whole lot more difficult. After hours of trying, the townspeople are ready to give up and head back. Mark didn't accept them quitting, he started to get annoyed. They had to help him make his discovery!

Finding the caveSource: / Pocholo Calapre

But luckily it doesn't get that far as one of the helpers, who is poking in the ground with a stick suddenly feels it shoot through the ground and falls down. He poked the stick straight in the snowed-in hole. Could this be the entrance that Mark had found just the day before. This must be the place...

Making their way down

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Mark’s heart skips a beat. This is it. This is all that he had been able to think about for the past couple of hours. They make their way down the hole as quickly as they possibly can. They still had to be careful, the whole way down was slippery and Mark did not want anyone getting hurt. Mark was on the verge of making his discovery.

Setting foot in the cave

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When Mark sets foot in the big cave again, it is exactly how he remembers it. He almost sprints to the cave to get to his frozen treasure, finding it again within minutes. There it is, the huge wall with the silhouette inside of it. No one would stop him now from claiming his fame! Let's get to work...

Frozen treasure

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It is exactly the same as Mark remembered. The townspeople are very confused as to what they are witnessing. Mark had not told them anything about that they were going to have to dig out this! Mark wondered for a second if the townspeople would be willing to help him in his endeavour. Then the oldest stepped forward...

Getting excited

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Now the helpers themselves are getting excited. Were they going to be part of something historical here? They are quickly getting to work but try to be as careful as possible. They don’t want to risk damaging the find in any way. They started speculating about all the possibilities, it could literally be anything. They did not expect finding this though.

Taking their time

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They need this in prime condition if at all possible. The layer of ice is very thick and getting through it as carefully as they are doing it takes a hell of a long time. They were not sure if they even brought the necessary equipment for the job. Then suddenly it happened...

Hitting too hard

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One of the workers hits the ice a little too hard and everybody stops what they are doing. Suddenly rumbles are going through the cave. From the point where the worker hit the ice, large cracks are starting to form that spread quickly through the ice. Mark heart skipped a beat for a second, what was happening?

Ice cracking

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The helpers all take a couple steps back and some even start running towards the entrance again fearing that the whole cave is about to collapse. But Mark is frozen in place. His instincts tell him to get to safety, but there is no way he walks away from what could be the defining moment in his life. This could be it.

Wall crashing down

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Seconds later, the ice wall that they have been digging in for the past hour comes crashing down in a million pieces and what has been hidden behind it for probably centuries is finally revealed. Mark can’t believe what he is seeing. How could it be this?

Massive drawing

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He drops down on his knees. This is not what he expected at all. Behind the ice wall is not a creature but just a stone wall. But a stone wall with an enormous and most likely ancient drawing of a human-like creature. Mark was extremely disappointed, it was still a great find, but not what he expected it to be.

Ancient humans

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It was drawn so thick and dark that he was able to see the silhouette through the clear ice. But now that all the ice has broken away, a lot more drawings are revealed on the wall. They remind Mark of old caveman drawings. Did ancient humans live in this cave?

More drawings

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Hunting scenes, people, fire, all can be made out from the drawings on the wall. Mark had expected to find the remains of some undiscovered creature, but maybe these drawings could be an even more significant find. He had to get the news out as fast as he could, it was still a great find.

Great discovery

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It proved that humans had been here and maybe experts would be able to determine from when these drawings originated. Mark knows that is now time to inform the media and his peers. This was probably one of the greatest discoveries in the area that has ever been found by a single man.

Experts visiting

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In the next couple of months, A lot of experts visited the ice cave Mark had discovered and the site was quickly declared protected so that people could not enter it without permission. Mark was really proud in hindsight, it did cost him a lot of time, money, and effort. But now he was part of the history books.

History books


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This story is a work of fiction created for entertainment. Characters and events are the products of the author’s imagination. The images shown are used for illustration only.

Mark was credited with the discovery and his name would forever be cemented in the history books. It was and still remains his crowning achievement as a scientist. He might not have gotten rich from the discovery, but he cared more about the credit anyway.


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