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Many people are making movies, but not all the entertainment and games are on the set. Actors and directors often shoot scenes they don't adapt to very well. In order to make the film successful, they will surpass everything. Although the audience can never tell, Hollywood elites leave the studio with sour taste It's not uncommon to leave process services alone. See some scenes that actors and directors regret shooting. You may be surprised at the gems we extracted from the archives. One of Sharon Stone's most notorious scenes is that she deeply regrets.

joke of Scientology - friends with interests (2011)


Castle Rock Entertainment Castle Rock Entertainment will probably not be the most outstanding director of modern Hollywood, but he has done more than you think. With six feature films, Gluck worked with some of the industry's top figures, including Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, to film friends with benefits in 2011. In a particular scene, JT joked about Scientology, calling it "great science fiction.". According to Gluck, the witticism was improvised and left in the final clip. No one seems to remember that CO star Jenna Elfman is an extremely active Scientologist. "I'm really sad because I didn't tell Jenna about it," Glock told the independent. The first elf knew it was at the movie's premiere. Awkward. The embrace of ray - the last Jedi Knight (2017)

Lucas movie the last Jedi Knight provided by star wars in 2017 caused a lot of controversy. Some fans praised it as the best one so far, while others called it satire. In particular, one of the scenes, the audience rubbed the wrong direction, and finally all came down to a hug. After Hans solo was killed by Kello Lund, ray returned to the base of resistance and had reason to feel uneasy. General Leia (fearsome late great Kelly Fisher) comforted her with a hug. Big problem? Why is ray loved when Solo's friend Chewbacca is away? JJ. Abrams talked about it in an interview with slashfim, calling it his own fault. "It's a little bit light," said the award-winning director. "It's definitely not intentional."

chair scene – basic instinct (1992)

Carol pictures Carol pictures Carol pictures 1992 Sharon Stone's infamous chair scene may be one of the most controversial scenes in the history of film. When her character was interrogated, she deliberately spread her legs to shake off the officer, leaving nothing to imagine. Although most people think Sharon agrees, the actress doesn't. "

" when we shoot, it will be innuendo, the director said, "we see your underwear is white, I need you to take them off." I said, 'I don't want you to see anything, he's like, "no, no, you won't go," she explained in 2014. "So I was shocked when I was at the theater watching with other people. At the end of the movie, I walked into the stand and slapped him (wilhoven), and I said, "you can show me this yourself." "

explosion site – sabotage (1936)

General film distributors in 1936, Alfred Hitchcock has been breaking through what is acceptable in films. "Master of suspense" will later be synonymous with creepy thrillers, but he has made waves in the mid-1930s. Unfortunately, for him, disruption didn't work that well. In a sequence, a terrorist hands a hidden bomb to an unsuspecting schoolboy, who sits on a bus and blows himself (and others) to heaven. Many years later, Hitchcock said in an interview with Francois Trufa that the scene should not be filmed, calling it a "serious mistake.". Can you guess which scene Kate Winslet regrets shooting?

devil girl - Annabelle: creation (2017)

New Line movie new line movie David F. Sandberg performed well in the follow-up of the first movie Annabelle, but he was not very satisfied with the whole sequel. In one scene, Janice stumbles upon the ghost of a girl who died in a car accident, but it turns out that the ghost is actually a devil.

Sandberg was not satisfied with the overall look of the character, which should have been more suitable for the '80s B-movie - or the way she spoke. He said, "I never got that scene right. "Every time I see your soul, I think 'I will devour your soul'"

baseball field – shine (1980)

Warner Brothers.

Actress Shelley Duvall began to regret her involvement in Stanley Kubrick's "shine.". Kubrick is very strict with Duval. He often criticizes her acting skills and puts her under extra pressure. It's no secret that in the scene of Jack Nicholson threatening Duval with a baseball bat, Kubrick has the actors remake 127 times. Finally, the young actress became hysterical. Many people speculate that Kubrick's treatment of her has led to her mental decline. Despite her efforts and persecution, Shelley felt completely ignored by the audience. "With so much work done, few people criticized my performance in this regard, let alone, as if it were so. All the comments were about Kubrick, as if I wasn't there. "

Roth's painting – Titanic (1997)

paramount / 20th Century Fox / 20th century fox are the two most dazzling stars in Hollywood, but when James Cameron won these two stars in 1997's blockbuster, they were relatively unknown. Although there are many perfect scenes in the film, the audience always think of Rose's nude scene and ask Jack to draw her like a "French girl" of his.

smarter nowKate will do something different. "I hope I didn't show that much body, but I'm still young and I know I have a lot to prove," said the Oscar winner. Anyway, it's still the iconic part of the movie.

Mothership – the third kind of intimate contact (1977)


directors are notorious perfectionists, but they do not always determine the content of the final product. Film companies have a big say in deadlines, and Columbia Pictures rushed Spielberg to release close encounters, and the director asked if he could go back and fix it. The


Studio agreed on a condition that the interior of the mother ship must be displayed. Unfortunately, it undermines the appeal of many fans. Spielberg himself deeply regretted the compromise and said the ship "should remain mysterious all the time."

Jacob's naked upper body scene - Twilight legend (2008-2012)

Temple Hill entertainment with the launch of Twilight movie. Whenever Jacob had to turn into another werewolf's self, he had to undress casually. Lots of young fans have been staring at the screen, but it's not something the actors look back on. "

" if I had to choose, I would never take off my shirt in a movie again, "he said, then went on to elaborate that he didn't want to be seen as" just a body, "but as a highly skilled actor. We can't say we blame him, but it's good, though it goes on. Eva Mendes: Unfortunately, she shot a scene in her career, but her reason is quite surprising. The last kiss - Mexico used to be (2003)

picture> * / picture> troublemaker studiostudiomeimestudios>

rob Rodriguez's 2003 movie can be said to be starry, with Antonio Banderas and Selma Hayek playing key roles. Johnny Depp plays a convincing corrupt CIA agent betrayed by beautiful but sadistic AFN agent Eva Mendes, who has a sweet regret for his time on the set. In one scene, Mendes kisses a blind Depp before killing him, but the actress hopes she can make Depp live longer. It turned out that she had a crush on the actor, but was completely silent around him. "I was scared by him," she later confessed. [P>

the confluence of the heart of Vulcan - Star Trek VI: undiscovered countries (1991)

paramount has more Star Trek

films than one stick, but director Nicholas Meyer directed some of the most famous original films. Although Meyer was very proud of his trip in 1991, there was a scene in his mind.

Spock (Leonard Nimoy) made a spiritual fusion of his Starfleet student valeris, which deviated from his docile nature. As he delved into her thoughts, the young man began to scream in pain. "In my opinion, it's a bit like waterboarding," 25 years later, the director compared the scene to torture. "I'm not happy to see it."

Star Colonel's irascible temper -- Kick Ass 2 (2013)

Universal Pictures is a comedy, but "Kick Ass 2" contains quite a lot of actions. Initially, Jim Kelly was based on the movie, and he and his partner filmed his scene together. However, the Sandy Hook massacre took place a few weeks after Kelly completed the role packaging, which made the actor reconsider his participation. "[P]

" I did kick my butt twice in the month before Sandy Hook, and now, in conscience, I can't support this level of violence, "Kelly wrote. "I apologize to the others who participated in the film. I'm not ashamed of that, but recent events have changed my mind because he really wants to see Natalie Portman. In fact, Stam wanted to meet the young actress so much that he didn't even care about the pay, which he later described as "2 and 6 and a toffee apple." Unfortunately, Natalie wasn't there when he showed up. Instead, George Lucas asked him to use a note on the wall as a reference point. Needless to say, the actor regretted his appearance in the film and called his experience "boring". The famous kiss has long been expected by fans, but the actors are afraid to shoot the scene. The kiss of Ron and Hermione – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011)

the secret love of Ron and Hermione of Warner Bros picture s is a major plot in the second half of the Harry Potter movie, so when they finally get to 2011 When they shut up in the middle of the year, the fans were relieved. Because actors Rupert Grint and Emma Watson (both in their early 20s) actually grew up together, the scene was particularly embarrassing for all concerned. After that, Watson said it was her "weirdest" kiss on the screen, and both actors were glad one was enough. Grint also told people that the last thing he wanted to do was to kiss her. Ouch.

devil plant - Evil Dead Man (1981)

New Line movie new line movie Sam Remy's cult classic horror movie Evil Dead Man put him in a favorable position in the rest of his career. The thriller surprised the audience. It became a typical example of a B-movie thriller, but Remy would do something different. In one scene, Cheryl is raped by a demon tree in the forest. The audience's acceptance of the play is rather poor. If given another chance, the director will completely ignore it. "It's unnecessary and a little too cruel," Lamy said five years later. "My goal is not to offend. It's for entertainment, excitement, scaring Make them laugh, but not to offend himYou guys. " It seems that Kate Winslet i s not the only one who left the Titanic. She has some regrets. Director James Cameron has a lot of freedom for movies because there is neither Jack nor rose in real life. The epic story of the shipwreck really gives some facts a correct explanation, but it also inadvertently tarnishes the name of one of the officers. The film depicts an officer, William McMaster Murdoch, shooting himself in the head, but there is no solid evidence to support this. Murdoch's relatives were not satisfied with Cameron's story, and he later apologized for any offence he had caused.

family abuse scene - big and small lies (2017)

Pacific Standard

Nicole Kidman's portrayal of Celeste in HBO's big and small lies won many awards, which is right. At the heart of the role is the abusive relationship with her husband, played by Alexander skaskaskaard. Kidman is very proud of her work, but she told the Hollywood Reporter that these scenes make her emotionally and physically exhausted, often unable to stand up, and that the director had mark Waley cover her with a towel between nude scenes. However, the hard work and the series produced by Rees Witherspoon will return to the second season, even though there is no scarigana's unfortunate role.

bound scenes – 50 gray shadows (2015)

Universal Pictures

although these films make a lot of money at the box office, we all know that they are almost not movie masterpieces. Actress Dakota Johnson plays obedient Anastasia Steele and Irish Rouge man Jamie Donan plays Christian gray. Both actors are struggling with more intense scenes, which occupy a prominent position in franchising, and both have expressed embarrassment because they signed up to film in the first place. These scenes often have to be re shot, and considering the clothing and constraints, it is not easy to shoot. However, Johnson later admitted that the film led her to something bigger and better - sorry Mr. gray!

iron man – super and mole man (1951)

Lippert picture Lippert picture is one of the most popular characters in history, which can be said to be the role that children admire. Unfortunately, for George Reeves, one of his fans thinks that the best thing about krypton is that it's bulletproof. When Reeves appeared at a propaganda activity in his costume, he met a little boy with a loaded gun. He wanted to see if the bullet really flew away from Superman's abdominal muscles. The actor was scared to death by the incident. He never put on the costume in public again. He told the children many times that no one could be safe from bullets, no matter what the cartoon would tell you. Kissing - some people like hot kissing (1959)

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most representative actresses of her time, still a legend decades after her death. The blonde star starred in 1959 with Tony Curtis, the first-line star. Some people like hot, but according to the actress, it's not as hot as people think. In a kissing scene, a staff member said Tony seemed to enjoy himself, and that Curtis's answer was presumably "kissing Hitler.". Curtis denied that he had said such a thing when asked by the media, but it was said that he admitted it several years before his death and said it was a joke



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