Music videos of six girls make you hype


Happy Friday! We have a weekend in April before you prepare for instagram's may anniversary. Why not start with the little girl's strength? Prepare to watch our favorite girl group music video with your best girl in town or one night! From the children of fate to the fifth harmony, you will express your love with passion and praise.

1 – children of destiny – "survivors" - this is not only an ode to women's power, but also a huge shock for women's camouflage life.

2 – TLC – "flawless" – come on, you will You know you're the sucker for these futuristic music videos. Let's make a second cry to the abdominal muscles of the left eye.

3 – hot girls – "desire" – the introduction of this British girls group around the world is only a lovely frolic in the hotel Bukit in the 1990s, and also a perfect introduction to all their personalities.


4 – fashion – "don't let go" – this powerful ballad and super emotional improvisation can be seen everywhere in VH1 at that time. It's all worth watching their ferocious clothes.

5 – fifth harmony – "work at home" – ah, Camilla Cabello and her daughters had a great time together. If you want to see crazy construction workers, this is your upper left corner.

6 – salt-n-pepa – "shop" – clothing, dance steps, Mercedes Benz convertible This is pure gold. It will definitely give you fashionable inspo


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