8 ways to make yourself better


It's almost march! We've endured nearly two months with an eccentric president and things just feel upside down. I mean, the drought in California suddenly turned into a wetland in California. The bachelor has finally reached the point of "intolerability", and there are obviously fake terrorist attacks all over the world. Before you pour yourself a glass of wine and try to find the answer from reality to avoid the despair of the WTO foundation, think about what you can do to make your pocket better. The following eight simple improvement methods are as follows:

drink more water

take it seriously. Everyone should drink more water. The more water, the better.


tip 20% or more. Make all hospitable people happier. If the service is really impeccable, always tip 20% or more. Save one or two dollars to make a good life for others.

friendly points

the world may be a frustrating place, you may be angry with your boyfriend because of the pressure of work, and because you just got a parking ticket. When life is bad, try not to punish the people around you. Be friendly, smile and behave properly. As a result, you may feel better. When you sit down to eat in the restaurant, it is likely that your stomach is already eating your own food. You're so hungry. Sandwiches, spaghetti, French fries and all the fat are your names. During this time, sometimes you can try some salad. You will feel great after dinner and your body will thank you for all the vegetables you have provided. Are you passionate about your rescue dogs, women's rights or immigrants? If you have a career that can really convince you, find an organization you can volunteer to join. You will feel warm and fuzzy, make you different and contribute to better things. Make every effort to maintain a positive atmosphere like hell. If you have a negative force in your life, stay away from it. It's a little lonely to do yoga or jogging at home. Integrate with people by taking a group fitness class or signing up for a 5K or color run. Who knows? Maybe you'll make a new friend.

imagine your future

do you want to write a book, get promoted, fall in love, or turn your hobby into your full-time job? Imagine your future, plan the steps to get there, and bring it into the universe, because you deserve it!



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