13 things you don't know about screaming


It's crazy to think that scream, a 90's horror movie, will turn 20 in December this year! No matter how many times we go back to this classic teen horror movie on Halloween, we are shocked to find out something we don't know about this movie! We chose 13 facts to share with you, because it's too perfect to go. The original title of the film was horror movie, but it changed to scream after listening to Michael Jackson's song of the same name. Both Melissa joanhardt and Brittany Murphy participated in the audition for Sidney's role. Reese Witherspoon was also invited to play her.


Drew Barrymore should have played the role of Sidney. The ghost face of

was originally supposed to wear a white robe, but it was changed to black due to the fear that the robe might look too much like klu Klux Klan.

when the crew is conducting position reconnaissance, the mask of grimace is accidentally found.

Joaquin Phoenix rejected the role of Billy Loomis. The reporter who screamed "people have the right to know" in Sydney was played by Linda Blair, who starred in Exorcist. The special effects team used about 50 gallons of fake blood in the whole production process.

Neff Campbell and Matthew Lillard were dating when they were shooting.

rose McGowan dyed her hair blonde because of Tatum's role.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette meet on the set. The infamous mask is based on a painting by Edward Munch called scream. It's easy to become one of the most profitable horror films in the history.



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