A film considered almost perfect

Writing, shooting, editing and releasing a feature film is an extremely complex and arduous process. There are so many moving parts in the movie that there is no guarantee that the movie will be translated into the audience or the way people imagine it. Because of this, movies range from absolutely scary to incredible works of art. The best are those who have the perfect team, who evoke emotions in their work and execute their vision. These are some of the films. The eternal sunshine of flawless mind is emotional roller coaster. When Director Michel gunri and current screenwriter Charlie Kaufman meet in 2004, the result is the eternal sunshine of flawless mind. The main character of the film is Joel Barish, played by Jim Carrey, a lonely man who has a romantic relationship with an outgoing woman named Clementine, played by Kate Winslet. After their relationship deteriorated, they both went through a process of erasing each other from their minds, but it was not as easy as it seemed. The result is a very touching film and an incredible original story, Kaufman's script won the Oscar for best original script. It is not surprising that Budapest Hotel is not only the highest box office movie of Wes Anderson, but also the first movie nominated for Best Director Oscar. Almost everything makes his films different and combines them. The film is full of delightful freeze frames, witty dialogue and eccentric characters. The book focuses on a lobby boy named zero (Tony ravolori), who got a job in Budapest Hotel and was run by the eccentric Mr. Gustav (Ralph Fiennes). From there, you are thrown into Anderson's world, where nothing can be predicted. One of the most difficult topics that filmmakers try to solve is the existentialism problem about religion, meaning of life, morality and purpose. This is exactly what Martin Scorsese wants to do in his movie silence. The film is about two Jesuit priests (Andrew Garfield and Adam driver) who sneak into Japan and find their mentor (Liam Nissen) who is said to have given up his faith. After being discovered, Garfield's character was either forced to give up and risk being cursed, or watched his fellow priests tortured to death. The film is like Rodrigo prito's work of art, which contrasts beauty with cruelty and explores the deep concepts of doubt, pain and belief. [P>

great white shark is still astonishing in the public mind

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if it wasn't for Steven Spielberg and his team, great white shark could have easily become a summer B-movie, but it was forgotten the next spring, but it's not the case. It has become a cultural phenomenon, and continues to prevent people from entering the sea Ocean. Spielberg's shooting style strained the building until it could be felt, and with John William's now iconic soundtrack, the film was at a different level than the public was used to. Even 40 years later, people still don't want to go into the water, remembering kunt's horror story about the Indianapolis, or the boy on the raft never came back to the shore.

the unpopular has made the western films a great success.

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Clint Eastwood has started the creation of western films. However, he was never a typical shooter. This is most obvious in his film unforgivable, which he directed and starred in. The film tells the story of a former outlaw played by Eastwood who gave up his old way of raising children. However, in case of urgent need of money, he signed another contract, which exceeded his expectation. This is a story that Eastwood describes as showing real violence and ugliness, rather than beautifying it like a typical Western metaphor. It provides the audience with a real experience of killing and death. In his movie "there will be blood", Paul Thomas Anderson brought the pursuit of oil and the greed for money at the end of the 19th century to life. In the battle of oil control, starring respected Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Dano, Day Lewis's role is slowly, but surely more chaotic. This is a comment on the negative impact of capitalism on American society. Greed can drive people to do degenerate things. Day Lewis's amazing performance was perfectly supported by Robert elswitt's production and Anderson's script, creating a film that looks and feels like oil, black and dirty.

has a deeper meaning behind "top entertainment", "top entertainment", "top entertainment" and "top entertainment" starred by Keanu Reeves. John wick is an amazing action film, which makes many people of the same type feel ashamed. It is fast-paced and strong in execution. Reeves trains eight hours a day, five days a week for four months. His dedication to the process was one of the reasons why the film was so successful. While lighting, special effects, and plot can be gripping, John wick is more than just a story about a former assassin who killed his dog like crazy. It's about a sad man who lost the only thing that connected him to his recently deceased wife. It has an emotional depth, most action movies will deliberately avoid, making it particularly influential.

you've never really been here is incredibly dark and different

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you've never really been here to follow Joaquin Phoenix, a hammer wielding killer, who was hired by a congressman to free his daughter from the sex trade gang. However, he soon found himself in a dangerous conspiracy. Although the plot looks goodIt's not so original, but the way the characters are handled in the film and how the film overturns people's expectations and makes it stand out in other films. Phoenix is the perfect expression of his character's pain, as well as a loving son and a cruel killer. It was his ability to do so and the unexpected turn of the plot that brought the film to a new height. In the 1630s, when the witch was expelled from the Puritan community of Plymouth, a father and his family came to the wilderness and built a farm on the edge of a vast forest. When their youngest son mysteriously disappeared, the family was manipulated by a supernatural force in the forest and tore itself apart. In his directorial debut, Robert Eggers spent four years working on the film, making it as real as possible, as terrifying as possible, until dialogue. In addition to the immediate sense of doom aroused by the film, it would not have been so effective without the excellent performance of the actors, young and old.

Manchester on the sea will break anyone's heart. Amazon


is not exactly the entertainment movie you watch, nor is it the kind of movie that makes you feel talkative and content. The film, directed by Kenneth languen, tells the story of Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck) who was forced to return home after his brother died. Knowing that he now has custody of his teenage nephew, he also faces his past. This incident has caused a wound that can never be healed. Affleck's performance and languen's best original play also won an Oscar. Although the movie is amazing, it evokes emotions you never want to experience in real life. Today, it is easy to become insensitive to CGI explosion and action sequence, but this is not the case of Mad Max: future road. The fourth film in the crazy max series is about the savage Max rocatansky (Tom Hardy), who lives on the edge of the post apocalyptic world. He found himself looting with rage (Charlize Theron) to save five women from the grip of an evil warlord, and chaos ensued. Although the plot is attractive, it is these actions and effects that make it a starting point. Most of the stunts are real, as well as the extraordinary vehicles sweeping the wasteland. In addition, the world tower is incredible with cinematography to make everything feel a little too real. Since the birth of the film, directors have been trying surrealism, inspired by other surrealism art forms. On malholland Avenue, David Lynch perfectly translated surrealism into movies. The film is a disturbing dream, blurring the line between dream and reality. Critics Robert Eggers commented that the film "directly affects emotions like music" and that there are many unforgettable scenes in the film that keep the audience firmly focused on the screen, which the BBC calls the greatest film of the 21st century so far.

her depicts a grim future

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Her is a science fiction written, directed and produced by spike jonz. Set in the near future, the film tells the story of the divorce of Joaquin Phoenix, a lonely writer. To overcome his loneliness, he bought an operating system (scarlet Johnson) and finally fell in love with him. The beautiful use of soft colors, smoky urban landscape, and the soundtrack of the film make the audience feel like they are next to the duo.

Huajin's amazing performance makes the audience feel sympathy for his role, and experience his high and low at the same time. The way society is portrayed is almost too close to the family, and the picture of a world doesn't seem too far away. Robert Ford's assassination of Jesse James was not so much a film as a painting. Warner Brothers was considered one of the most underrated films at that time. Robert Ford's assassination of Jesse James was a different interpretation of western film schools. It takes time to focus more on the characters than the typical Western gunfight. Every frame can be used as a picture. The film tells about the famous Jesse James (Brad Pitt) and his struggle with mental illness, as well as his relationship with an unstable fan (Kathy Affleck). Roger Dickins, a cinematographer, even invented a series of new lenses to get the shots he wanted, which critic Scott Taffa described as "somewhere between the film and the oil painting.". It's no secret that the return of the Lord of the rings is at least an epic movie theater. However, this is the third and last film of the trilogy, which is very eye-catching. The scale of the film is astronomical, full of epic battles, beautiful cinematography, and scores that tie everything together. As the second highest box office movie in history, it has won 11 Oscars, including best picture, and was rated as the most influential magic movie in history. Since then, few films have been able to compare. This event has brought about a new kind of horror. It was written by bill Lancaster, directed by John Carpenter and followed a group of researchers in a remote area of Antarctica. There, they encounter "things," a parasitic form of life that mimics the image of other organisms. Because "things" appear in the form of any researcher, they are overcome by paranoia and cannot trust each other. Although the film initially received negative evaluation because of its unique graphic effect and cynicism, after a period of time, people began to realize its complexity and value.Today, it is considered to be one of the top horror films ever made, consolidating its position in the film history.

vulgar novels can't go anywhere

Miramax film company of Miramax film company, which is directed by the famous Quentin Tarantino. The film has a ensemble team including Bruce Willis, Samuel Jackson, UMA Thurman and John Travolta. The film tells several different crime stories in Los Angeles. Its name comes from the popular low-level crime novels of the 20th century. Although the acting of this film is excellent, what really distinguishes "vulgar novel" from other films is its non-linear plot, which is finally combined. You never know where the movie is going or where you're actually on the timeline. To make it better, Tarantino added his own extra flash and soundtrack that most fans know about heart. " 2001: a space odyssey was directed by Stanley Kubrick. After discovering a black boulder that influenced human evolution, he carried out a space flight to Jupiter with the artificial intelligence computer Hal. Although the plot is fascinating, the reason why the film is so wonderful is because of its scientific accuracy and the themes of existentialism, evolution, artificial intelligence and space travel. The movie is considered to be a pioneer in the field of special effects. Its voice and dialogue are used carefully to create a similar atmosphere. The film has been ranked in the top 10 and is considered to be one of the greatest and most influential films ever.

great Lebowski becomes a lazy cool

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is written, directed and produced by the Cohen brothers, great Lebowski tells the incredible story of "brother" (Jeff Bridges). He finds himself trapped in various misunderstandings and failure plans, trying to get a piece of it New carpet. The plot of the movie is so overwhelming that the audience is just as confused as he is when he tries to piece together a piece. Although the plot may be interesting, what makes the movie different is its eccentric characters, who have become iconic characters in the audience. It's incredibly funny and witty, and it also provides an endless stream of absurd quotes that only fans of the great Lebowski can understand. Pan's maze is a combination of history and fantasy.

The dark fantasy directed by Guillermo del Toro, Pan's maze took place five years after the Spanish Civil War. When the young protagonist, Ophelia, meets with magical creatures and leads her to her final destiny, history begins to blend with a mythical world. The film was praised for its story, visual effects, photography and performance. It's a really good-looking movie, and although violence and emotions can sometimes be taxed, it's at the top of many 2006 charts. Today, it is regarded as one of deltoro's best works and respected by the film industry.

the second volume of Galaxy Guardian makes them look forward to a MCU movie, plus an emotional plot, then people can consider Galaxy guardian, Volume 2. The sequel to "the first Guardian" sees the squalid crew of space guardians as an experiment in the face of a brutal past from gamora and the father of the nebula to rocket life. When Peter Quayle finally met his real father, he also found himself a victim. Apart from the plot, everything in this movie is as grand as the MCU movie you imagined. The article written for hot dog is very wonderful. When it comes to the perfect comedy, some people may say "hot dog" is a piece of cake. In 2007, British comedians Simon page and Nick frost worked as police officers to solve a series of mysterious deaths in their area. "Hot fluff," written by PEG and director Edgar Wright, is the key to understanding joke settings and rewards. It is considered to be one of the most compact plays, not only because of its impeccable jokes, but also because some of its lines foreshadow the madness of the late film. It also combines comedy, horror, mystery and action into a movie.

Spider Man 2 even left a deep impression on the most severe critics.

Sony Pictures released the news released by Sony Pictures. Roger Ebert, the film critic, praised 2004 Spider Man 2 as "the best Super Hero movie since the modern type" and "released together with Superman" has been very interesting. Sam Remi's sequel, Toby Maguire's wall climbing superhero, is known for making things as easy as the first movie, but also adding to the stakes. People watching this movie not only hope that spider man can defeat the villain, but also hope that he can find happiness in his personal life. In addition to the relevance of marquell in the film, the production value of the film is self-evident.

evil death 2 it is exactly what it needs to do

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there is also a Sam lemy movie, some people may think it is perfect, it is evil death 2 . Although some may say it's too obscene to be considered as one of the other movie masterpieces, evil death II is exactly what it has to do to make the audience scream and laugh. In the sequel to the classic 1981 movie, Bruce Campbell showed an awe inspiring physical performance, taking himself seriously, his whole body full of viscera and blood. Critics put his performance alongside the works of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. The Titanic is James Cameron's dreamer. No one can turn the Titanic story into a movie like James Cameron's. Cameron undoubtedly participated in all aspects of the film creation, as director, screenwriter, CO producer and co editor of the 1997 epic romantic disaster film.

Titanic has received an incredible 14 Oscar nominations and 11 Oscars, compared with Ben Hur in 1959Sit up and get the most Oscars for a single movie. Although some of Titanic's records may be broken or even drawn in the future, it will always be the first movie with a box office of $1.84 billion.

you can't skip west side story

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no matter how short the list of classic films you have to watch is, the west side story will be on this list. Director Robert Wise was inspired to adapt the story into a movie, but had no experience in directing musicals. It was his talented and experienced music and dance director, Jerome Robbins (though often behind the scenes after being poached by Millie) who made the west side story an award-winning film. When it was released in 1961, critics praised the film, whether it was a play or an incredible dance, for attracting audiences and making them feel like they were next to actors in Manhattan in 1957. This British patient perfectly captures the drama of World War I I. If handled properly, dragging is as heartbreaking as other types of movies. The British patient, directed by Anthony mingla, is a movie that can convey the trauma and influence of World War II to those who are still alive, and also the voice of those who have experienced World War II. The British patient has been nominated for twelve Oscars, nine out of seven and two Golden Globes. The film is also known as the first digital clip to win an Oscar for best editing. The millionaires in slums have brought India to Hollywood. Before the millionaire in slums entered the big screen in 2008, most Americans were not familiar with the culture of slums in India. The film is about two brothers growing up in the slums of Mumbai. Simon bovey, the screenwriter, has emerged from the culture to ensure that the authenticity of the film reaches its goal. When the film was released, it won the most Oscars including the best film. Schindler's list is a story that must be told. A memorable film needs a good script. It is worth noting that many of the great films on this list are based on novels (or even loose adaptations). Schindler's list is one of them. The wonderful screenplay of Stephen zaillion and the genius of Steven Spielberg's director make the 1993 film so beautiful and moving. The story tells of Oskar Schindler who rescued thousands of Polish Jewish refugees from the terrible fate of the Holocaust by employing them to work in his own factory. The incredible cinematography and soundtrack of the violinist, Itzhak Perlman, made the Schindler list almost perfect.

Forrest Gump i s one of paramount pictures released in 1994, and Forrest Gump is a favorite movie of its own league. Actor Tom Hanks's slow and kind Forster may bring more humanity to the world. The film grossed more than $677 million worldwide and won the best picture Oscar and best actor award. "Forrest Gump" provides more PTH for the audience than most films, and its message resonates with the United States and other countries. The second Godfather movie is a rare example of making a sequel movie correctly. It's a classic movie, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, with an all-star cast including Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. Paramount Pictures started making sequels immediately after the godfather hit the scene. The sequel is seen as one of the best gangster movies in history and even acknowledged by the library of Congress for its accuracy. However, even alpassino is not sure whether the second Godfather will be popular. Just before filming, his lawyer contacted Coppola and was not satisfied with the script. He rewrote the film, turning things around in 24 hours and keeping Pacino on the plane.

going global reversing the situation in the United States

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going global is widely praised as one of the best films of this generation. Jordan peel not only found a way to show African Americans and their experiences, but also did a chilling job of putting the audience in their place. Daniel carua plays Chris, a photographer, who visits his white girlfriend's family and everything seems to have changed since he came to their estate. At first, the seemingly careless racism and a few laughs soon turned into the most terrible nightmare for anyone. Peele's script draws the audience to the edge of their seats with a horror film that focuses on the real horror of American society.

created shows us how to carry the torch

Warner Bros picture "Rocky" doesn't need to be renewed, but 2015's Creed proves that. According to the film company, the seventh film in the series is "how to pass the torch in Hollywood", considered the best film since 1976. Michael Jordan was a promising actor when he played Adonis creed. He turned to Rocky Balboa to prove himself. This movie not only gives us another version of Rocky Balboa, but also gives us a new protagonist with his own goal. While revitalizing the classic rock scene of the 21st century, it also makes us laugh and cry. The 2004 horror comedy is another original work by Edgar Wright and Simon peg about a slacker named Sean who was forced to grow up when the end of the zombie world came to his town.

Pegg and Wright brilliantly rejuvenated the zombie genre. They not only created Gore's (and many others) works, but also perfectly combined drama and comedy. There are many places to laugh in this movie, but when you least expect it, some scenes will break your heart. Fight club is not overIt is hoped that when fight club premiered in 1999, it will be considered controversial and get a polarized response from critics. Nevertheless, the film has withstood the test of time and become a classic supporting the 1996 novel of the same name.

Edward Norton's white collar finds himself entangled with a soap salesman played by Brad Pitt. The two eventually formed an underground fight club that exceeded the audience's expectations. The film made the audience uncomfortable and did a good job of guiding them away from the distorted ending of the plot. The unbelievable is not your typical Disney movie. The incredible thing really brings something new. Pixar's film about a suburban family trying to hide their superpowers was unveiled when the frustrated parent was lured to a remote island to relive his days as a superhero. This movie is not a typical Disney movie. There are colorful princesses or talking animals in it. Instead, it changed the way superheroes watched, from computer animation to storytelling, and everything was incredible.

whiplash is another level of inspiration.

the 2014 Sony movie classic "whiplash" has been well received by critics and audience, the reason is obvious. The emotional film sees miles Taylor as jazz drummer student Andrew Neyman and his relationship with abusive coach Terrence Fletcher (played by J.K. Simmons). From music to impeccable performance, director Damien chazel has done a great job of making the audience feel the movie rather than watching it. It could have been a movie about teaching people never to lose heart, but it did a lot with beautiful scenes and perfect performances. We feel dizzy and dizzy. James Stewart is a retired police officer with acrophobia. He was hired as a private detective to follow Kim Novak's friend's wife. The 1958 film is considered to be one of the most representative works of Hitchcock's life. It not only shows the mysterious plot of Hitchcock, but also is a typical black film, including, of course, the photographic works that make the audience feel dizzy. This is the first movie to use "push and pull zoom", which is an in camera effect with distorted perspective.

The Shawshank Redemption "more like a spiritual experience than a movie"

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this 1994 American drama adapted from Stephen King's novella is often considered to be one of the best movies in the history of film. Roger Ebert wrote that the film "is deeper than most; it's about the continuity of a life based on friendship and hope." "Shawshank Redemption" has won many awards nominations, but the box office is still disappointing.

movies are described as "foreboding" and "elaborately made", and lead to Roger Deakins winning the outstanding achievement award of cinematography awarded by the American Society of cinemagraphers. In 2015, it was chosen to be preserved as a National Film Registry because it "is culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant. A bird flying over the cuckoo's nest 100 movies. Critics have described Jack Nicholson's superb "total unruly" performance as dominating the film and drawing attention to all supporting characters' personalities. For example, people who have seen this movie will never forget Lois Fletcher's performance as nurse ratchet