BTS launched SNL last weekend making history


BTS appeared in the Saturday night live program as a music guest on the weekend, creating a history. They were the first K-pop band to perform as musical guests on the weekly show. Live shows are more risky than most shows, but Btk has no problem browsing their numbers, even when their images are sent to millions of viewers around the world. In promoting their new album soul map: personas, the band perfectly performed two songs, boy and luv and Mic drop, with audiences as crazy as social media.

BTS fans, collectively referred to as the army, expressed their opinions on instagram and twitter during the performance. Jae ha Kim, a Los Angeles Times writer who apparently is a big supporter of the group, went to twitter. "Kill! Their voice is perfect They adapted the dance into that small stage. They have a backing that looks like a Korean band. I feel like a proud aunt. She wrote: "I Even put my cake down for the show, actor Paul bell used the band's presence to comment on SNL's excluded history. "I've been watching SNL since the late 1970s, and I didn't stop seeing SNL until the 1990s. I never saw an Asian face on their employees that was always stinging. But tonight I only saw seven Korean faces on that goddamn stage. It was the best part of the show, so I finished. #"Btsxsnl," he said. There are more exciting news for fans. After BTS's performance, NBC announced that the group will also perform at the Billboard Music Awards in May