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Without the incredible performance of the actors, the movie would be different. Of course, writing, directing and production all play an important role, but if no one comes to perform a well written script, you're almost experiencing a book written out loud. 90% of human beings are visual creatures, and the performances of actors such as Denzel Washington and Leonardo DiCaprio have attracted our interest in drama. These characters inspire the stars to surpass in the performance and present a chilling scene. See which actors convey real emotions in the camera.

Charlize Theron is a real star.

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Charlize Theron is one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood. You may know her in the movies monsters, work in Italy, and Mad Max: the road to anger, which are all star movies. Because of her excellent work, she became famous on the screen. However, there is one film in which her performance is more eye-catching than other films. To stand out, we mean to be more realistic and fans will never forget her performance because it's spectacular. Do you know which role we are referring to? Loyal fans of Universal Studios Universal Studios may have guessed which movie we mentioned in the previous slide. Yes, we are talking about Snow White and hunters. There's a scene in the movie that doesn't require any extra performance from Cylon. Sharon is the queen, so she has a lot of power. When she screamed, she hurt some abdominal muscles. The desperate look on her face was real. The legal name of Michael J fox should be Mattie McFly, because almost everyone remembers him. "Back to the future" is a landmark film, largely due to Fox's acting skills. With this role, he immediately became one of the most popular actors in the 1980s. About the themes of these films, one scene in one of them may have shocked some people. Not bad, but very reasonable. Usually, not many people can do it. Understand what happened. The fact that there is a failure in the setting of

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may be a little scary for some people, but in the end everything is fine. In back to the future: Part III, if you remember wrong, Mattie mcfarley must be hanged. The Lasso is a prop, of course, but when the camera starts to turn, it fails. Michael J. fox took a last gasp for several minutes because it didn't go as planned. Whether it's an accident or not, we can imagine fox is a little angry.

Great liv Taylor

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Jersey Girl, the battle of doom and Lord of the rings are some of liv Taylor's titles you will know. Taylor has the genes of a star, because she is the daughter of Smith's heroine Stephen Taylor and model Babel. We listed some of her films, but one was different. This may not be what you think, but real fans may already have clues about the movie we are referring to

in windowsill work with liv Taylor to find strategies that will help you improve your performance in all areas of expertise. Athletes may lock themselves in solitude before a big game, salespeople may watch inspirational videos to cheer them up, and in her case, Liv Taylor uses a ball gimmick to get ready to roll. In windowsill, Taylor had to muzzle the ball and take several pictures of the same scene. It's a lot of discomfort for her, but she says the raw emotions will help on the screen. The next star is also struggling in pain, but another type One of the greatest actors of his generation must be Leonardo DiCaprio. It may have taken him decades to get the Oscar he really wanted, but at least he did. There are many films he could have won, but none of them succeeded.

Titanic, Sartre, inception and the lost are just a few things that come to mind. In order to make sure his acting skills are stable, a movie needs some pain that he didn't expect Among his most colorful roles, DiCaprio has brought an exciting performance to the fans, Jamie fox. He's very persuasive, but some of them seem more real than others, perhaps because it's real. In the most intense scene of the film, DiCaprio entertains fox to dinner with his friends. DiCaprio was lit and broke a glass on the table. When he began to bleed, he continued to speak firmly to others, but it was not intentional. He really cut his hand and decided to take action.

little star ESRA Fisher

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every time you see ESRA Fisher, she always smiles. She is one of the most dynamic people in Hollywood, and we can totally accept it. She's just one of those people who can't be disliked. One of her most interesting characters is the wedding killer, which she starred in with Owen Wilson. Sadly, what we're going to talk about next is much more serious. We hate what she has to go through

Oh, no, Fisher! Now you see that I'm a movie about magicians. During filming, the crew used many techniques to get the shots they needed. In the film, she had toWearing fetters and fetters, he went into a water tank. Although it sounds very dangerous, the chains are still entangled in the end! Fortunately, Isra stayed calm and fled the pool before drowning. We're sure no one will let her lose her life, but she must be a little scared. My husband is no longer famous. Once, Shia LaBeouf was probably the biggest star of Disney Channel. He felt that he had grown up and could no longer entertain his children, so he turned his attention to blockbusters such as transformers and eagle eye. Lebev is one of the few actors to play extremely serious roles. It's no surprise that he ended up on the list, but everything he did for a particular movie was crazy. That's why he's different. As we have already mentioned, lebev is not a person who despises characters. He will make every effort to make the movie feel real, which is what he did in the movie "anger". If you haven't seen it, it's a World War II movie with Brad Pitt and Logan Leman. During the shoot, lebev thought the special effects prosthesis didn't look real. As a result, he cut his cheek to make his character look more realistic. Then, he even pulled out one of his teeth! What can't this man do?

this. Yes. Butler!!

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who remembers the movie 300 ? Gerard Butler played an incredible role, so he deserved a lot of awards. Strangely, this is not the movie we are going to talk about.

seems to be after 300 ; everyone knows who he is, even if they don't know his name. All they knew was that he was the one who shouted "Sparta" before kicking someone to a dead end. Do you know that It's time to surf. Butler's three films of Walden Island / Walden Island / surfer are equivalent to a lot of naked scenes that many people like to watch. So it's meaningful for the producers to choose him to play "chasing the calf". Butler didn't expect this to happen. While surfing, he fell off the surfboard in the strong waves. He was then trapped underwater for a few minutes before the crew rescued him. Imagine your life ending almost on the set of a movie.

world famous Jackie Chan

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What's not like Jackie Chan? Martial arts masters, actors, singers and men with secret doors are among the most attractive people in Hollywood. Everyone who worked with him spoke highly of how great he was. Jackie Chan has starred in more than 100 films in case you can't count. He also likes to do his own stunts, which will get him into trouble. What do you expect? Not everyone has the same courage In 1995, Jackie Chan starred in the crime film the rumble of the Bronx. Chan plays a policeman from Hong Kong who comes to New York to attend Uncle Bill's wedding. One thing led to another, and Jackie had to deal with it himself. In one scene, he jumped on a boat far enough away and broke his ankle. All he did was put a sock on the actors, make them look like shoes, and then continue shooting as if nothing had happened.

Mr. Loki. He's been doing it for decades, so the younger generation even knows what he's accomplished, including a series of rocky films. The torn actor is one of Hollywood's male chauvinists, and he doesn't have to take off his shirt to prove it. He showed his strength when shooting the first blood in 1982. We don't think anyone else can pull it out

ribs are not very important, are they?

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Stallone's list of iconic films continues. Decades ago, he provided fans with uninterrupted performances, and has been performing to this day. The movie "the first drop of blood" certainly applies. In making the film, Stallone's self-esteem prevailed. This is John Rambo's introduction to the world, so Stallone doesn't want his stuntman to appear for him. As a result, he broke two ribs while filming. It's no big deal for him because he stood up and finished the game like a champion.

superstar Channing Tatum

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as long as the star's strength is everywhere, the girl will see him and shout, Channing Tatum may be at the top of the totem pole. He has played many roles, showing his great talent and acting skills. Who will forget to jump onto the stage? When he filmed fox catcher, the handsome man may have overdone things a little. If you have seen this movie, you may already know what we mean, but please click forward to make sure Looking at yourself, Tatum

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being a man will make you lose a lot. Not everyone likes it, but Tatum doesn't seem to mind. The actor has a scene in "the fox catcher" that asks him to show his frustration, which is what the actors often do. Tatum had to smash his head into the mirror. The problem is that the mirror is used to protect his props, but because Tatum's head is hit heavily, so the protection is useless. He finally cut his head open and bled.