Seven reaction gifts for the season premiere of game of Thrones

Today is Tuesday. This means you have almost two full days to watch and handle the premiere of season 7 of game of Thrones. Is this all you want? Maybe, maybe not, but the premiere did throw some cool bombs and prepare us for another season of pure chaos. If you've seen the solo of this episode, here are some gifts that perfectly explain our joint reaction to some of the main plots. By the way, this is your saboteur warning. If you haven't read yet, stop reading and come back in about an hour.

when Arya poisons a room full of hatred, just as he poisons NBD, when cersei refuses the proposal of the king of iron Island, he is randomly dressed as a rock star lady

when SAMWELL repeatedly cleans the bottom of the bed

when the hound begins to see sh * t in the fire

when Dragon King finally comes home