Six ways to improve your prom karma

The ball is here again! When you prepare an evening dress, suit, and all the glitter that your high school gym can gather, let's focus on the good atmosphere, not Becky and good hair. After all, a school dance is not a cupcake or a rainbow for everyone you know. Spread positivity and goodwill and make sure you and everyone around you have a world-class time. There are six ways to improve your prom karma:

2。 Shopping is a lot of trouble for some people. Help friends to choose the perfect dance theme.

3。 See that quiet man in the corner? Ask them to dance!

4。 Your friend wandered around because he didn't date? Instead of thinking about romance with your boyfriend, let's make the dance an interesting group gathering for singles and lovers!

5。 Don't spend money on fancy dresses, buy antiques! You'll save money, and you look unique.

6。 It's better to bathe all the students in praise than to throw shade on them. Everyone has spent time to make themselves radiant and worth feeling beautiful!