Chris Pratt is a baby for 10 reasons

Happy Monday! On Inauguration Day, we had very little hangover left, and on Saturday we marched with all the ladies. Now it's back to the point. Today, let's talk about our friend, Chris Pratt. He won our hearts in Everwood, and then he became the funny Andy in park and play. Since then, he has finally become a real movie star. Recently, he starred in passenger with Jennifer Lawrence. Sometimes people say, "I don't understand? Why does everyone love Chris Pratt? "Well, if it's not obvious, there are ten reasons why Chris Pratt is a real baby in our book:

he's a real family man. He is a full family man. His BOD is a madman. But more importantly, he is always very nervous at work and would like to eat pizza with you. It is obvious that his face is easy to see. He refused an interview. Between the two films, he always keeps a low profile, because who cares about hype? He is in Everwood. Enough to say.

he collected a dead insect, and his wife, the gorgeous and funny Anna Faris, thought it was cool. Before his acting career, he was a stripper. Do what you have to do, CP!