Ariana Grande has been criticized for calling herself the hardest working 23-year-old

Oh, my God Is it hard to be a celebrity. Your every move will be watched by countless hawk eyes. Anything you say, even if it's just a joke, will be taken out of context completely and exaggerated disproportionately. As a case in point, Ariana Grande posted a black-and-white photo of herself on instagram over the weekend, with her hair down and a super large down jacket looking cute. Add the title to the picture, "when you're cute, but you're also the most hardworking 23-year-old on earth." Ha-ha. There is no doubt that Ariana's eyes are completely easy, and there is a killer like work ethic that is professional and detailed because it comes.

when you're cute, you're also the most hardworking 23-year-old on earth, cute, but also the most hardworking CEO, not cute, with beautiful ears

Ariana Grande (@ Ariana Grande) released a photo at 11:24am PST on January 13, 2017. She is" the most hardworking 23-year-old on earth ". To be honest, anyone who invests a lot of time and sacrifice in work, They will all feel the same, but not totally serious. However, it didn't sit well with fans and haters alike, who basically tried to school why Ali didn't cold say such things. Let's see the following example: