12 battles in winter

I've had enough of winter. It's only January! Snow, biting cold, feeling like a man with Michelin tires, always wearing some stupid coats, ugly ass snow boots, even can't make my feet warm. The list is endless. There are many things to complain about in winter, so why don't we list the ways we hate, and we all gather together and have something to do with struggle?! Be brave enough to go out.

master the warm enough dress art while still active. When you fight with the so-called "smart gloves", you will only take them off and send messages because they are super annoying. Practice your ability to walk on ice and survive unharmed. The salt stained your shoes. In public transportation and department stores, we sweat.

freeze your butt while waiting for public transportation. It is necessary to climb the mountain when getting on the train. It is a muddy street corner. Enough to say. The desire for comfortable food. How does news become so compelling when a storm comes.

when turning the whole body, you must open the engine hood to see what is behind you. What do you hate about winter?