Eight things to remember when you start to hate your body

The body image is crazy. At first, we didn't care what we looked like, what size we were fit for, or how we compared ourselves with others. But as we grew up, these concerns began to become very important. It's not surprising that we woke up one day and found that we hated our bodies. Maybe you think your arms are too fat, your legs are too thin, your waist is not perfect, and your hair doesn't look like a shampoo ad. Maybe your skin is sucking or you're not tall enough. These thoughts of self sabotage actually deprive you of the ability to feel good about yourself. Now that we've been in 2017 for more than a week, it's time to let go of all those silly thoughts about yourself and remember these eight things when you think you're less than the perfect age of 10.

1。 Supermode does not exist.

[/ *] / prime> P> ok They may be labeled supermodels and look great in all advertising and editing activities and runway shows, but they have a lot of styling, makeup, accessories, airbrush and angles to make them look flawless. In fact, they deal with us ordinary people. In addition, the number of ordinary people also exceeds those with super lucky genes.

2。 At least one of your features is excellent. It can be amazing eyes, thick and beautiful hair, long legs, perfect hands, incredibly pore free skin or a dazzling smile. No matter what it is, start from loving this function, and then start from this function to appreciate the complete self-image.

3。 You need to show off this amazing feature. Don't hide your love for your body. Try to highlight long eyelashes, a perfect smile, a slim waist or a sexy curve.

4。 Not everyone will be attracted to the same "type". Well, you won't look like a supermodel in the myth. Guess what... Not every man / girl thinks it's sexy. Every body type has a group of adoring fans, who like close contact and personal life.

5。 This is the body of your life. You can't trade what you have for what you think is better. When you feel uncomfortable on your skin, give yourself a hug and remember that no matter what shape you are, the human body is incredible. You can control your diet, clothes and performance. Do you think you need to lose a few pounds or add a few pounds? Want your skin to glow and improve your style? You can make changes by adjusting your eating habits and trying things you usually don't like,

7. You only have one. Even if you are twins or triplets, there is only one. It makes you unique and amazing in the world. It's not what you look like, it's what you bring and contribute to the world.

8。 Some people in your life don't care what you look like. They are your friends and family. When they are frustrated with themselves, they will reassure you again and again that you are the one