What Ryan Gosling's movie characters taught us about love

There is no doubt that Ryan Gosling is perfect. He has something that, when his face appears in magazines, on the Internet or on a large screen, makes everyone's knees a little weak and prone to spontaneous fainting. However, what he brings to the characters in the movie is really special. He not only makes them become their own characters, but also successfully teaches us 12 important courses about love.

1。 Loyalty is everything.

2。 You can turn heartbreak into something magical.

3。 Small moments matter most.

4。 Compromise is the key.

5。 Fighting (within a reasonable range) is healthy for a relationship.

6。 Internal jokes and nicknames are another level of intimacy.

7。 Being able to laugh together will make you closer and closer.

8。 When you fall in love, don't forget your friends.

9。 Love means being honest with your feelings.

10。 Unconventional love has nothing to be ashamed of.

11。 Sometimes loving someone means having the power to let them go.

12。 If it's meant to be, you'll end up with someone you love.