9 simple ways to stay close in 2017

Happy 2017! I hope you've managed to control the hangover and start the year better than Maria Kelly. Now, Nai in backsight, you may be crazy about pumping and preparing to live your best life in the new year. If there are nine ways to look better, feel better, and treat yourself better on your list of resolutions, then in 2017, there are nine simple ways to keep yourself tight:

drink all the water

the first step to skin and health is as simple as hell. Drink your water! Divide your weight in two. This is how many ounces of water you should drink every day. Put it on and take a water bottle with you. From time to time, you don't have to deny all your advantages. Try not to eat ham every day. You should not eat dessert after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Once in a while, you will feel better about yourself. It's not just your appearance to be nervous. That's how you respect yourself. In 2017, keep your dating and hooking standards up to fucking high. Don't sleep with others because you are lonely or drink too much. Respect yourself because you should be fooled. In addition, branches. Don't always stick to your "type.". Try interesting men, athletic men, and everything in between, because there's more to life than hot girls who don't know how to treat women.

if you hate it, find an activity you really like to do, running or hot yoga that makes you want to vomit, and probably you won't have the motivation to go to the gym every day for more torture. Find an activity you really like to do that doesn't make you feel like a job. Try boxing, Pilates, cross fitness, softball league, swimming See what stick, you'll be as tight as hell. I don't know about you, but I'm in trouble when I don't have healthy food options. I'll start making bad eating decisions, or I'll eat out, spend too much money, burn too many calories. Try to prepare meals twice a week so you have a healthy choice. It's not realistic to eat cold turkey, is it? Instead of vowing to quit smoking, alcohol, caffeine and sugar at the same time, promise to reduce your bad habits. Drink only on weekends, or just three drinks a week. From two to one to half a cup, keep yourself away from caffeine. For best results, relax. It seems that everyone is constantly pursuing the firmness of the body. Don't go to extremes, subscribe to impossible diet and exercise programs, and take small steps. Eat healthier and slower so you can recognize when you're really full. Try to breathe a few breaths between each bite instead of shoveling it in.

take a break from technology

think about all the time you spend staring at your phone, computer, and TV. Disgusting. Take a break and live like a functional person. Instead of charging your cell phone at the bedside, it's better to charge your cell phone in another room and buy an ordinary alarm clock. Separation only brings good and more time to think creatively about things that don't belong to social media, TV shows or work. We live in a disposable world, don't we? We'd rather spend $20 here and $10 there on cheap, over fashionable clothes than save for time tested drugs. This year, try to resist the urge to go shopping. Don't go to the coffee shop. Make a pot at home. Don't buy anything "good.". These small changes will help you save money and save money for the experiences (and clothes) you really want